Haven Tash

Human Cleric


Haven was left to Gustav Tash, a priest of Erathis who ran an orphanage, when he was only a baby. As the boy grew, Gustav noted Haven's respect for law and order and his natural gift at understanding and navigating bureaucracy, and encouraged Haven to devote himself to Erathis as well. Haven quickly ascended through the ranks of Erathis' priesthood in his late teens, and spent his twenties splitting his time between his religious duties, and a job as a minor bureaucrat where he saw he could leverage his talents to concretely improve the lives of those around him.   Both Gustav and Haven watched Zannon Carter's rule of the Overwatch from a distance, and the two agreed that though Carter espoused the expansion of civilization, his tyrannical means were unacceptable. Cities that do not look after the good of the people who belong to them defeat the purpose of creating civilization in the first place. The two proceeded to set aside their private lives, and together with a handful of like minded clergy, started a secret sect they called "The Lanterns of Erathis".   When Zannon Carter's army of warforged fell, the Lanterns saw it as a tipping point, and set out across Theria to put their beliefs into action. Their ultimate goal: to show the people of Theria that cities can be great, capable, and benevolent, and that when they are, Erathis is at work within them.  
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Arc 1
Haven joined the remnants of the party as they regrouped in Lochfort after the devastating werewolf attack. He helped them track down Trixy and not long after find the pack and try to get revenge. During the fight, Haven is bitten several times by werewolves. After the fight, he is stricken with doubt about his future but is talked into remaining with the party until they can figure out what to do.   Mere days later while camping for the night, the campsite is attacked by a briar troll. Haven is hit hard and turned into a werewolf and attacks the nearest thing to him, Sevedus. The fight turns bad as the troll and Haven try their best to destroy the party until Daegon unleashes his most powerful attack, killing the troll and burying Acteronis Athanasius and Trixy with it. Daegon and Khoury manage to escape while Haven feasts on Sevedus.   After nearly a month and a half as a werewolf, Haven's penchant for organization and management begin to pay off, much to the dismay of the town of Lochfort. He managed to wrangle all of the local werewolves into a super-pack and all but decimate the town. The pack was finally defeated when a new group entered town and along with Briahna and a bunch of paladins from the Temple of Kord in Esterholt took the fight to them. Haven was killed by Briahna, who was bitten several times herself during the fight.

Appearance and Personality

  Wearing gray and blue tabard over chainmail and sporting a beard matching his carefully coiffed head of hair. He bears the symbol of Erathis and believes in the ideals of the God of Civilization.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Bitten by a werewolf in Episode 72
  • Left alone by Group 2 while he was feasting on Sevedus
  • Killed in wolf form by Briahna and the members of Group 4 in Episode 147

    Notable Kills

  • Sevedus Stronghold (Ep 79)
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 74

    Aligned Organization
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