Khoury Forestkeeper

Goliath Seeker


Though Khoury has been on the ‘mainland’ of Theria for years, she is not originally from the area. The time she has spent on Ellara has been in the Evergreen. After leaving her homeland of Bo'Ten, she found solace within the forest and created her life there. From age 13 on she took care of herself and the forest lands, taking it upon herself to keep the Evergreen Forest protected.
While living there she frequently came across adventurers making their way through the Evergreen. This piqued her curiosity but she had lands to protect and her responsibility to the forest overcame her inquisitive spirit.


One fateful day, Khoury was forced out of the Evergreen by a mass of decorated soldiers. She fought her way to keep from being burned alive, but her inability to save her forest. Khoury had been devastated, and the only thing left for her to do was reignite her bold dreams of travel.

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Arc 1

Khoury made her way to Brightport and found herself on the doorstep of the newly renovated House Dragonkeep. She was barely through the door when the party decided it was time to pack up and leave the city for bigger adventures.


The group arrived in Lochfort and agreed to help the town with a werewolf problem.
Sadly, the issue was grossly misrepresented and all of the party perished or was lost except for Khoury and Daegon.


Khoury and Daegon meet on the road, and continue running until they make it back to town.. They rest for the night and recruit new faces to help find Trixy in the morning. They find her near the battlefield along with the fragments of their friends.


With new companions, Haven, Acteronis, and Sevedus, the party decides to finish the job that was started and again tracks the pack. This time they succeed, only Haven being bitten and no deaths.
Following a brief return to town, it is decided that camping outdoors would be better than in town. This notion was wrong however and after a briar troll attacked the camp, Khoury again lost her new friends.
it would seem that only Daegon was immune to the string of death and misery that was Khoury's life.


In Fairbay, after days of walking as fast as possible from the Silver Glade, the pair again found new companions looking for adventures. This new group would become Khoury's new family for months to come.


Their journey would take them to Odysia, where they rescued Briahna Ebelmare and Craig Mason.
They found an Eladrin ship at the docks, the Alu'Yaanda and commandeered it. They sailed toward the Yemgar Swamp to speak with The Witch, which they did.


The Witch explained that Khoury's lithoderms, which could not be read by her tribes leaders, told a story of a "curse" which Khoury would bear. She would see the deaths of all who traveled with her.


Khoury fled the cabin and ran into the swamp, threatening her team mates when they dared come too close. Acteronis talked her into rejoining them and everyone slowly made their way towards the Evergreen. Along the way, Khoury befriended a bear that they named Fluffy and eventually found themselves at the White Ravens's cave.
Poe and Briahna join the party and Finway and the gate is finally opened long enough for the group to walk through.


The gate left the group at a bluff overlooking Esterholt where they saw a familiar white dragon looming over the city. Khoury and her friends, now minus Layla find themselves at the wedding of Jadzia and Vallus.
The two groups find themselves with a common goal, to travel all the way back to the Witch and confront her about the Eladrin, her interest in Briahna and Marrek's lycanthropy.


Always elusive and vague, the Witch explains her tale of the Eladrin, locked away for their hubris and their part in trapping the gods in mortal forms. She helps Marrek with his malady and marks Briahna with a ward that would stop her from eluding the Witch when she needs her most. She also finally tells Khoury the "truth" about herself, that she is the Raven Queen, also trapped in a mortal body.


Khoury, bewildered by this new development takes her leave from her friends and takes to the road with Una, Jadzia, Marrek, and Calluna. After a brief stop in Esterholt where Una departs, the rest fly on to Brightport where Jadzia and Vallus also announce their departure.


The remnants of the group debate their next step and meet Thantos by the docks. The new smaller party heads north through Aldmoor and after a short time to deal with Calluna's food poisoning sets up camp and a Dwarf named Orden joins them at the fire.


In the Hazaan Mountains, the party finds a locked door which leads to an ancient library. They spend days searching and verifying information about the Blood Moon and finding a legendary artifact, a Scroll of Resurrection.
Not long after, a raven flies into the library and lands near Khoury with a message. Briahna is in trouble. Khoury trades Marrek for the scroll and leaves the group to complete the search.


Khoury finds her way back to Brightport just in time to find her former group preparing to set said to Ta'lor. She rejoins them and they set sail with their unwanted crew and cargo.


They survive a massive storm with the help of the additional crew but afterwards discovered that the cargo was guarded by demons.
With the demon threat revealed and the cargo, the legendary axe Stormrender, on board, they recruit two of the Black Hand's crew to their side.


While trying to recruit Leon, the last of the Black Hand 's non-demon crew and Braylon's brother, he fired a crossbow aimed for Krea but Aralove stepped in to take the hit. She was killed in the process but Khoury quickly resurrected her with the scroll she got from Marrek in the library.


The party made their way to Ta'lor and found the Eladrin hidden deep within a mountain. They were frozen in stasis, only to be saved by a psion sacrificing themselves at the great seal on Ki'an.


Daegon angrily opened the gate in the cave, giving them access to Ki'an where they meet back up with Marrek and his group to protect the seal. A long discussion takes place to find out who stands where in regards to releasing the gods, the demons or doing nothing.


When the Blood Moon comes, another figure enters the area and makes his intentions known. Kal'tos summons a large dracolich made from the skeletons of the dead white dragons all around. After he was defeated by the assembled heroes, Daegon stepped up to perform the ritual to release the gods, and his people. Before he could start though, Briahna took his place and opened the seal.


In proof of what the Witch had told them, Khoury began to glow with a bright white light from her eyes, and then her mouth before falling, an empty husk. Shortly after, Acteronis also falls, his connection to Khoury and the Raven Queen broken.


Appearance and Personality


Goliath’s are not known on the continent of Ellara, which makes Khoury’s appearance stand out even more when adventuring across the land. Khoury stands bold at 7’ 8” with pale blue skin and lithoderms (the markings each Goliath has across their whole body) covering every inch of skin. With long black hair tied back with multiple braids, Khoury’s stature leaves most of her foes cowering at the very sight of her.


Though she seems intimidating, being one of the few pf her species on Ellara, Khoury is exceptionally friendly. She has spent most of her life alone within the Evergreen Forest, so she has a strong thirst for contact with other beings and knowledge for other cultures. She is very trusting, to her own fault. Though once you have broken her trust, Khoury is reluctant to forgive and will certainly never forget. Being brought up in a tribe of other Goliath’s she shares most of their base traits and tendencies.


Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Khoury switched from Group 2 to Group 3 during the events of the Bad Moon crossover: Episode 121 and 122
  • After getting a message via raven in Episode 151, Khoury parted ways with Group 3 and eventually met back up with Group 2 in Episode 182
  • Khoury's mortal form died during the events at the Seal in Episode 200

    Notable Kills

  • Trevor the Werewolf (Ep 72)
  • Kobold Ratmaster (Ep 87)
  • The Hydra (Ep 96)

    Critical History Checks

  • The Githzerai (Episode 135)
  • Bandit's Rest (Episode 142)


  • Really likes short people
  • She was the second character to wield I'Alu Reena (The Waters Edge) bow which was found after helping defeat the werewolf pack in Arc 1 - Episode #072. Its current whereabouts are unknown.
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 74

    Aligned Organization
    Group 2
    Other Affiliations
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