Githzerai Psion


Kal'tos grew up on Ta'lor, as most Githzerai do. He was well aware of the war andand as soon as his powers presented themselves, he was put into a special training program and became a monk of fearsome qualities.  
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Kal'tos has a clear history involving Thantos where she believes that he killed her teacher and all of her classmates. It is believed that he also killed Yenward in a very one sided fight to take Stormrender. In the end, as the Blood Moon arrived, he approached the group at the Seal on Ki'an intent to do what he was made to do. Una attacked him after little talking and the fight was joined. Una smashed him in the face with her hammer and his neck cracked, and much to her dismay it cracked the other way and righted itself.   Kal'tos. frustrated with the delay, conjured a large dracolich skeleton to fight beside him and everyone joins in. The battle is pitched but in the end, Kal'tos and the dragon fall.


A Githzerai who is well traveled and confident in his power. He speaks little, but when he does it may be best to heed his words or face the consequences. He wears worn monkish robes that have probably seen bettter days.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 200