Githzerai Psion


Thantos left her homeland of Ta'lor where she had been trained as a monk before finding out that she was a psion. She landed in Brightport and was almost immediately set upon by locals, much to their regret.  
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Arc 1
Thantos met the party at the docks just after she was attacked in an alley. They quickly saw a powerful ally and recruited her to help with their mission, in return for them helping her to track someone down. Thantos was in pursuit of another Githzerai that she believed had killed her master. She found her fellow monks-in-training slaughtered as well as.   In their travels attempting to gain information about a possible world ending plot by the demons, they came across the corpse of one Yenward Firestomp by the road. Thantos saw what she feared most, a single large hole in his chest that she could only attribute to Kal'tos, the man she was hunting.   The group continues to travel near the east coast, to Aldmoor, Uman' Yiro, Brightport and finding a hidden library in the middle of the Hazaan Mountains filled with information about Tieflings, demons and all sorts of things.   After a time, Thantos began to bond with Marrek, the cleric who many times had to step in like a father figure to impart some sort of wisdom.   The group finally hired a guide to begin their final journey to Ki'an to deal with the seal and demon issue. Thantos didn't particularly care about the distracting mission which was said to release gods or demons but did feel a need to fight back against the ritual because it would cause some psion their life.   While they waited for the Blood Moon to arrive, a lone figure approached the now, much larger group. Another group of adventurers had arrived and sides had been chosen based on the desired outcome. When the figure dropped his cloak, revealing that it was Kal'tos himself, the assembled group set to action to stop him from releasing the demons. He summoned a large dracolich from the nearby bones of a long dead white dragon to fight at his side.   The battle was hard fought but in the end, Kal'tos and his dragon lay dead and Briahna Ebelmare stepped up to open the seal and release the gods.   The side effect that none of the psions knew about, that when the seal was opened, they would all lose their powers. As such, Thantos became powerless, save her monk training and disappeared back into the world.

Appearance and Personality

  Thantos is powerful and impulsive. She frequently defies her team to explore alone but is frequently learning that doing so may be much more dangerous than she bargains for. She is quickly developing a father/daughter relationship with Marrek but she would prefer only the two of them were aware of the talks they have shared.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Helped release the gods from their unnatural "prison"
  • Lost her psionic powers after the gods were released (Ep 200)
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 74

    Current Location
    Aligned Organization
    Group 3