Kolas and Krea

Human and Tiefling Thugs


Hired thugs for the Black Hand, Kolas and Krea were sent to escort a crate, contents unknown to Ta'lor.  
Show spoiler
When they boarded the Alu'Yaanda, they did not expect to be battered in a giant storm and eventually persuaded to betray the Hand. They helped to fight the demons onboard the ship and split ways with the party when they landed on Ta'lor. It is assumed that they are laying low and avoiding their previous lives.


Kolas - A human fighter who is deeply protective of Krea. Krea - A relatively young female Tiefling with necromancy powers. She seems regretful and deep down wants to do the right thing.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 182
Current Location
Aligned Organization
Black Hand - Brightport