Orden Kingshield

Dwarven Knight


A lone Dwarf on the road heading for Uman' Yiro, Orden is searching for information about Moradin, whom he believes to be missing somehow. He previously served as a guard to King Stonesunder but his beliefs made him feel unwelcome so he is in search of the truth.   On his way to the floating city, he crossed paths with Marrek, Calluna, Khoury, and Thantos and was invited to share the fire and rest for the night and after sharing tales, decided to travel with them rather than continuing on his own.  
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Arc 1
On their way to Uman' Yiro, the party stumbles upon some giant barred doors in the Hazaan Mountains. After some struggling, they open the entry to a huge library and spend some time investigating it. Later, they decide to head for Brightport by way of Aldmoor . After a few battles they reach their destination and settle at House Dragonkeep. They meet a young woman chained in a cell and Marrek convinces Briahna to join them.   The party, with new knowledge from the library begins to plan for their trip to Ki'an by hiring a dwarf named Bardon. Una and Julie return from their quest and also join the team.   Finally, on the road to the floating city, the group finds the corpse of Yenward, missing his trademark axe. Eventually, they reach Uman' Yiro and gather more information and confirm what they already knew. In the morning, Orden receives an urgent message from Stonesunder and leaves the group to help protect his city from the orcs.

Appearance and Personality

  A Dwarf in his 80's, gruff with a bald head and heavy armor, he has little time or patience for others not taking the job at hand seriously.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Critical History Checks

  • Kord's Fury (Episode 176)
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 143

    Current Location
    Current Residence
    Aligned Organization
    Group 3
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