The Witch

Human Blood Mage


The Witch lives in a wooden shack deep in the Yemgar swamp, purposely isolating herself from the rest of Theria. She deals in blood magic which is much more powerful than most magical practices. But with great power comes great sacrifice. To perform some spells with blood magic, you need an innocent’s blood. This is why she has been labeled an outcast of Theria.   Only the desperate seek her out as a last resort to solve their problems. That is if people get past the creatures that haunt the Yemgar swamp. If they manage that, they are usually scared off by The Witch’s deliberate tone and evil presence. Only a handful of people have truly wanted her help over the years and more than half of that group were adventurers.  
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One of those people was a man by the name of Ian Serverus, who sought her out to heal his severed hand. The Witch told him she had sensed a little girl in a nearby village possessing some sort of arcane power, so she made a deal with Ian. If he could bring her the little girl, she would use her blood magic to bring back his hand. She gave him a scroll and some ingredients that contained a spell which had the power to summon Shadow Beasts. Ian summoned the Shadow Beasts to destroy the little girl’s village; leaving it engulfed in flames. She never saw him again.   Shortly after, The Witch encountered Group One when they asked her to help their fellow brother-in-arms, Thoril Songsteal. They wanted her to reverse the effects of Thoril’s vampirism before it fully consumed him. She told them that such a spell could not be done without the blood of an innocent. After much discussion, the group decided to back off and left without her help.   Years later she would be visited by the members of groups 2 and 3 and telling them in no uncertain terms that she was a god and that one among them was as well.   It is assumed, based on her own words, that she ascended to godhood following the events of Episode 200.


The Witch doesn’t fit the stereotype of most witches in the looks department, in fact, she is quite the opposite.   She is a very attractive woman with a lean body and long chocolate colored hair. But behind the pure beauty and mystique is a cold-hearted woman. She is manipulative, cunning and villainous. She’ll do anything to get what she wants even if it means killing innocent citizens of Theria.

First appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 5
Current Residence
Yemgar Swamp