Craig Mason

Human, Leader of the Temple of Kord


Craig Mason grew up in the Temple of Kord with Una, and she was his best friend. They grew to have a very similar personality, making light and jest of most things to dispel the fears of them and to value courage above all else. Courage above glory, courage above life, and sometimes, admittedly, courage above what many would consider smart. As he grew older, Craig proved himself to be a formidable leader, and when Una was taken out of the running as she decided to go join Overwatch's forces, he was placed in charge of the temples new recruits.  
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When Una did return to her childhood home, he was happy to support her in all of her endeavors, whether it was cleaning up the streets or fetching an outlaw orc to murder. In fact, Craig even recommended that Una receive the honor of becoming the Fist of Kord, a symbol to the town and to the followers of the temple. He values Una's opinions on all matters and sees her as worthy, and he would follow her into any battle, even if it surely meant death.   He proved this point when he, Una, Briahna and a group of paladins chased Straad south to Odysia to defeat the legendary dragon in battle or die trying. Craig was knocked over a cliff edge during the battle and was assumed dead until Group 2 spotted him from their ship while departing the city and went back and saved his life. He traveled with the group on their journey until he was well enough to make his way back to Esterholt. There, he found Una and Julie in a confrontation with Sariff and chased the Drow out of town.   Craig settled back at the temple and is assumed to have ascended to godhood at the end of Episode 200.   The end of Arc 2, Episode 15 shows us a glimpse of Julie and Una training new recruits at the temple, reinforcing the idea that Craig did indeed ascend.


Craig has fought in many battles and received several scars, all of which he wears uncovered with insurmountable pride. Although he is close to Una's age, he looks much older, his dirty blond hair beginning to fade into a lighter shade and and his long stubble matching in the middle. He is almost always beaming, a smile his natural resting face though he does know when it's time to be serious. He is rarely without armor, because he's always hoping for a brawl.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 58
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