Sevedus Stronghold

Dwarven Cleric


Sevedus was a boisterous dwarf who took comfort in few things. A brawl was one, and a stiff drink was the other. However, his brash nature seemed to be his undoing. He joined an adventuring party in Lochfort who were attempting to rescue their friends from a pack of werewolves  
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Arc 1
Sevedus and the group did manage to rescue Trixy and defeat some of the werewolves but another new member, Haven , was bitten in the process. Days later, the group would be attacked by a briar troll while camping and during the fight, Haven wolfed out and immediately attacked Sevedus. Daegon and Khoury fled as Sevedus fell to the teeth and claws of his former friend.

Appearance and Personality

  A tall dwarf with a loud mouth, Sevedus was one of a kind. Not many dwarves decide to take up the art of healing, and especially one with his demeanor. He was a stocky man with muscles aplenty, and a bushy black beard with long black hair on his head to match. Gleaming green eyes peeked between the two, along with a button nose.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Killed by a briar troll in Episode 79

First Appearance
Arc 1, Episode 72

Long black
Aligned Organization
Group 2