Leon Gallbuck


Brother of the famous "Child star of Brightport", Braylon Gallbuck and child of the well-to-do Gallbuck family  
Show spoiler
Leon attempted to kill Braylon years prior and thought he had succeeded. It is unknown how Leon came to be in the employ of the Black Hand but when he showed up on the same ship as his brother traveling to Ta'lor, the old hostilities came flooding back. Braylon and his team did their best to avoid Leon but when they decided to betray their deal with the Hand and convert his partners, Kolas and Krea, he attempted to murder Krea but Aralove stepped in to take the arrow.   Daegon intervened and landed a punch that sent Leon far off of the ship and he slipped below the waves.   Only time will tell if he met his watery grave or somehow escaped.


Slightly taller than average for a Halfling, partly due to lifts in his shoes, Leon is angry and expertly trained with the handheld crossbows he wields.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 190
Aligned Organization
Black Hand - Brightport