Black Hand, Brightport

Human Crime Boss


Virtually nothing is known about the Black Hand or how she came to power. This is assuming that the woman Group 2 met who identified herself as Lauren is actually the Hand.  
Show spoiler
After the group spoke to the Hand, she had her servants load a crate on the boat with intent to deliver it to someone on Ta'lor It was later revealed that several of the beings on the ship were demons.
After the Hand was betrayed by the group and two of her followers, she tried to make good on her threat to kill Tessia but was unsuccessful for reasons that are yet to be revealed.


Small of stature with blonde hair, she has a chipper manner of speaking and, on the face of it, attempts to ease the concerns of those she deals with, but the air of danger is never far beneath the surface.
First Appearance
Arc 1, Episode 167
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Black Hand - Brightport