Daegon Arcanscape

Eladrin Psion


When Daegon was first introduced to Group 2, he was found bound and restrained deep within the confines of the house of horrors, known then, as House Darksbane. With needles buried deep within his forearms, he was, as it were, a puppet for the blood mage, Emon Thermack’s amusement and torture. What makes a Psion tick? Not only that, but surely his rarity as an Eladrin had provoked some twisted thoughts within the mind of his power mad captor.   Freed by the elf, Baranith Dragonsoul, Daegon leapt from his restraints and quickly demonstrated, without hesitation, why he had been fitted with a psionic dampener. After eviscerating his torturer, Daegon joined his new companions to rid House Darksbane of the poisonous Thermack.    
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Arc 1
Once the house was delivered from the evil hand of Thermack, his henchman Laura, and his minion Doug the Beholder (as well as other blood mages), a new era was born on the city of Brightport. House Dragonkeep was forged and Daegon now found himself among those he could call ‘friends’.   Ever restless to continue his journey to find the lost Eladrin, Daegon received word from the wily gnome, Galford, that he had himself seen an Eladrin well after the infamous disappearance. A deal was struck between Daegon and another shady gnome, Graddik, to have the gnome search out the lead on the supposed Eladrin sighting in return for Daegon’s protection whenever he and Graddik are together.   With order now restored in the newly named House Dragonkeep, and it’s affairs left in the hands of the capable Tessia Grimnas, Daegon decided to venture forth with his new companions to continue searching Theria for his own devotions, as well as aiding the others in their own personal quests.   Daegon would survive a zombie bite, the slaughter of the party by werewolves, followed immediately by losing more friends to a briar troll. He and Khoury would form a new group and travel the continent from coast to coast by drake, ship, dragon and gate.   He would once again face down The Witch, along with many friends and made an enemy of the Black Hand in Brightport.   Daegon would finally find the Eladrin, locked away in a cave in a sort of suspended animation. After much consideration, Daegon was going to sacrifice himself to release the gods, and his people, at the seal on Ki'an. Briahna stepped in at the last minute and opened the seal, allowing Daegon to help rescue his family.   Arc 2
After the seal was opened, all Psion's lost their powers and Daegon was no exception. He kept himself busy for a while shepherding the Eladrin to Onak-Al, their new home on the Mainland. After they were settled, he petitioned the Council to restore his powers which they refused. Daegon left the city, intent on regaining his power which he did through a bargain with a demon.   He is currently traveling the world via the gates with Finway, mapping their locations.

Appearance and Personality

  Slightly weathered from 100 years of scouring the continent for signs of the Eladrin, Daegon still stands proud as a flawless example of his people. Unlike most Eladrin, who flourished in the arcane arts, Daegon harnesses his power through psionic energy. When angered or engaged in combat, Daegon’s eyes glow a brilliant white-blue and the faint crackle of psionic energy can be heard about his body. Scars can be seen lining his forearms as a result of the torture in House Darksbane. Daegon wears hooded cloaks to conceal his nature from those who would wish to exploit his rarity.   Most Eladrin deem themselves above all others, but due to the great loss he has experienced Daegon shows a reasonable tolerance for most others and has sympathy for those who have also experienced great loss or tragedy. However, his recent torture at the hands of House Darksbane has left him with little patience for words, and a reignited fury deep within…  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Founding member of House Dragonkeep
  • Became the first "Captain" in Episode 93. The Eladrin ship, the Alu'Yaanda was found in Odysia and has been nearly destroyed several times.
  • Helped save Craig Mason in Episode 96

    Notable Kills

  • Fred the Unicorn
  • Leon Gallbuck (Ep 190)

    Critical History Checks

  • Gnoll/unicorn aggression (Episode 62)
  • Uman' Yiro (Episode 108)


  • While Daegon was the first Psion to roll a crit 20 on a charge roll, he has also rolled 2 crit 1's.
  • Daegon is the only character from the show (as of Arc 2, Episode 24) to travel to 5 of the 6 continents.
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 28

    Current Location
    Long black
    Aligned Organization
    Group 2
    Other Affiliations