Kaley and Lucia

Human Children


Kaley and Lucia were raised in Lochfort with their parents. The threat of werewolves was well known in town and everyone took precautions until the night of the massacre...   Show spoiler
The sisters survived the initial attack with their father by hiding in their attic. After receiving a signal from another house, their father ventured out from the attic and dropped to the street to investigate and was soon set upon by the beasts. While he was being devoured, more wolves broke into the house, causing the girls to flee from the attack. They were rescued by Sora who got them back to the safety of Shaw's house and hidden with everyone else in the attic. Hours later, a plan is devised to escape to a better location, the Town Hall. Everyone makes it into the hall after some time and argument except for Josephine who was mauled to death in the street.   When the wolves eventually broke into the building, Kaley took up a sword and fought bravely alongside the party until she was struck down by a viscous claw from one of the werewolves.   Lucia, who had been hiding in a crawl space was eventually spared when the wolves were killed. She bonded with Shaw and after the attack, they were sent out of town with all of the other children as a safety measure. It is unknown where they ended up.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode