Oran Sedias

Human Politician


Mayor of the cursed town of Lochfort, Oran Sedias had more than his fair share of suffering in the past handful of years, and eventually his leadership position became something of a curse on its own. The beginning of his time as mayor was perfectly fine, simple even. The town had it's fair share of traveling merchants, and though there was a small werewolf problem, once a year the took care of bulk of them and called it a festival. All was well.   However, when a traveling group of hookers and criminals came through town, they convinced one of the boys to lead them into the forest at night. Not the brightest boy in the town, clearly, but bright enough that when he was inevitably bitten, the werewolf problem spiraled completely out of control.  
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Now his position was entirely based around damage control. Every day a new report, a new werewolf or a new corpse. He had to take every promise of salvation at face value, even though after several groups had failed it became hard to believe in any gods. However, when Haven Trash told him they would clear their forest of Trevor once and for all, he helped them procure weapons from the closed armory in town. When the group returned and offered the news that Trevor had finally been put down and to check on his father, Oran could hardly believe it. He still is unsure whether or not his town is safe, but one of the darkest monsters on their doorstep had finally been vanquished.   Some time later, the town was overrun by werewolves and it is not known if Oran survived the attack.


A wise man put in impossible situation, Oran Sedias's once handsome face is weathered and war torn. His gray-brown hair is cropped short and though he tries to keep his facial hair stylish his goatee is often marred by days worth of stubble, his eyes marred with dark circles beneath. He rarely smiles, and when one does shine through it is weak and almost hopeless. His plight has made him an odd mixture of hopeless and neurotic, constantly hoping for a salvation that he didn't believe would ever actually come.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 65