Baranith Dragonsoul

Elven Cleric


By malicious magical interference, Baranith is unaware of her origins, her home, or her unique lineage. She has no memory of her family, elves of a clan called Dragonsoul, who possess a rare and coveted intrinsic capacity to speak with dragons. She has no memory of being stolen from her home to be trained and exploited in Esterholt for her familial skill. She has no memory of her brother; only a clue, a note she held tightly in her hand on the morning she awoke in Durnhollow that read "Sister, find me. Barawen."   In Baranith's eyes, she is a lost nomad of Theria. Having been purchased by a crook known as Blackteeth, she began this transient life as a slave to him and a hoard of thugs, thieves and killers. She was owned for seven years. Most days were uneventful and Baranith was left to work, untouched. But during long stretches of travel when there was no food or ale or gold to be looted, the men grew restless and took to assaulting her for their entertainment. One evening, while camped just down the road from Brightport, one such attack was interrupted when the camp itself was raided and Blackteeth and all his men were killed.   Baranith settled in Brightport and on what was to be an uneventful night, got swept up by a group running from a white dragon. They dragged her along as they escaped into the sewers and eventually emerged only to be questioned and held by the city guard.   Show Spoiler
Arc 1
The group was held for questioning in their involvement, but were sold into slavery by Graddik for their troubles.   Baranith along with the party were sent to Onak-Al, a slave-gladiator based city where the owners of the arena capture and force their captives to fight each other to the death. There, Baranith met Katey and Sil, and Vallus Grimnas. She and the party were forced to face off, and eventually kill all three in order to stay alive.   The party woke in the dungeons to find that everyone in the arena was dead… or undead. The group went through, and escaped the arena whilst trying to piece together the happenings and reasons behind the zombies that surrounded them. While escaping, Tala was bitten, and by the time the group arrived back at House Darksbane, they were forced to dispatch her.   The group went through the house, facing off with Doug the Beholder, and eventually removing Emon as well as Laura Cree. The group took control of the house from there, and would eventually return to Onak-Al to fix the last problem that Thermack left before his death.   After their return to the house, Baranith and the group grew restless and eventually left Brightport, leaving Tessia in charge of the newly renamed House Dragonkeep.   They arrived in Lochfort some time later and Rikus met a man named Patsy Hamlin in the tavern. They hesitantly agreed to go into the Silver Glade to help with the local werewolf problem.   They did find the werewolves, but both Baranith and Rikus lost their lives in the battle.

Appearance and Personality

  Compassionate to her core, she finds solace in healing wounded creatures and righting the wrongs in her world. But on the edge of a war quickly traveling toward the east of Theria, Baranith struggles with the decision of where to focus her energy: rescue and defend the enslaved and oppressed, or abandon her companions and Vallus to travel the land of Theria and find her true identity and her brother.   Brunette hair and very Elven features. Baranith is loyal to her friends and very capable of standing up for herself.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Founding member of House Dragonkeep
  • Killed by werewolves in Episode 65

    Notable Kills

  • Vallus Grimnas (Ep.18)
  • Silvia Ebelmare (Ep.20) – Sister to Katey Ebelmare, prisoner in Onak-Al.
  • "Doug" The Beholder (Ep. 28)

    Critical History Checks

  • Plants and magical herbs (history on Faeroot) (Episode 62)
  • Trivia

    Baranith was the first to wield I'Alu Reena (The Waters Edge) bow, which she found after fighting gnolls with Vallus in Episode 38  
    First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 16

    Aligned Organization
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