Laura Cree

Human Bodyguard


Assistant to the infamous Emon Thermack, Laura Cree was a top-notch fighter and a necessary bodyguard so that Thermack could commit all of his time to his various misdeeds. When her parents abandoned her, she was taken in by the dark soul and used to further his ambitions. Deadly with her blades, Laura struck down any enemy that would dare to challenge her master.   Until, that is, her blades grew still. After fighting with a group of intruders who ransacked her home, Laura was brought down by the strange group who then took over the house. She died fighting and clawing, but in the end her efforts were in vain. She was not able to save herself, or her master.  


Miss Cree wanted to look as intimidating as possible to strike fear into the enemies of her master. She rarely spoke, which only added to her menacing charm. Her hair was a shocking violet shade, cropped short to avoid getting in her way during fights. She held two blades in combat and moved with such grace that it would shock and awe the bystanders, as her sparring partners would never live long enough to appreciate the beauty of it.   Her skin was pale, a side-effect of living in the tower alongside Thermack, and she had lithe muscles that her sleek cloth clothing draped casually over- she did not bother with much armor. Her enemies rarely were able to land any blows, with one deadly exception.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 28
Aligned Organization