House Darksbane

House Darksbane was one of the three leading houses of Brightport since the system's inception.


Archmage Emon Thermack founded and led the house until his demise.

Public Agenda

As one of the three houses, Darksbane held sway in 1/3 of the trade of Brightport. They traded in potions, magical materials and crafting supplies.


Show spoiler
House Darksbane was untouchable with an archmage in charge for many decades.
  When House Silverclaw hired Group 2 to steal their Golden Dragon, a series of events unfolded that would be the downfall of Thermack and the House.
  After virtually everyone in the house was killed, the group took over, renamed it House Dragonkeep and eventually handed control of it over to Tessia Grimnas.
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