Doug the Beholder



An abhorrent creature, hailing from the Far Realm, Doug came to Theria bent on conquering all he saw. With his great powers and destructive eye rays, Doug had the power to control all he saw, and he saw much. However, soon after crossing into the realm, he crossed paths with a being more powerful than he: Archmage Thermack. Recently removed from Uman-Yiro and building a base of power in Brightport. When pitted against Doug’s might, Thermack’s blood magic prevailed and he subjugated the powerful creature. Doug was then brought to House Darksbane as a protector and demonstration of Thermack’s power.  
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While Doug waited and was called upon on occasion, he slowly built his power, waiting for the opportunity to overthrow his master. Doug never got the chance to enact his malignant plans. During one occasion, Doug was called upon to deal with a group of intruders to House Darksbane. Doug combated the group while Archmage Thermack and his assistant Laura fled. He was killed by Baranith during the battle.  


Doug had the appearance and personality of many of his kind. A large floating bulb, with a central eye and mouth and many eyestalks branching off, the sight of Doug was a warning and death sentence, to all. Originally from the Far Realm, Doug came to Theria as a conqueror. With the magic present in his eyes, Doug was able to wreak havoc wherever he went.   As beholders are very powerful and see themselves as conquerors, to see one subjugated is a rare occurrence. Only strong magicians and other powerful beings, like Dragons, can maintain dominance over a beholder. However, true to his nature, Doug did not tolerate subservience well. As deceitful as it was dangerous, Doug bid his time until the day that he could claim Thermack’s power.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 28
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