Emon Thermack

Human Archmage


Emon Thermack, above everything else, desired power. Studying under some of the top mages in Theria in the city of Uman’Yiro, he was finally banished when his teachers found that he was dabbling in blood magic and necromancy. Spurred on by his lust for knowledge of the darker magics, he founded House Darksbane alongside like minded students of magic inside Brightport. Together they cornered the herb and potion trade within the city and used their new found wealth to search for rare and forbidden texts.   This went on for many years until one day 5 adventurers stormed the Darksbane manor in search of the golden dragon (an item that if possessed, gives the person in possession 33% control of the trade decisions within Brightport) with the hopes of stealing it. The 5 actually did so (Group 2) and ruined a good portion of the manor in the process. This infuriated Thermack and even though he got the dragon statuette back merely a week later, he wished to seek the band of adventurers out and punish them for their hubris.  
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[He found the group in Onak-Al. Even though they had been sold into slavery and forced to compete in brutal arena combat, Thermack still thought they could suffer more. He arranged for a virus to be released within the city (after placing a protection spell on the group to spare them the initial infection). Within hours the entire city had been infected, died and were brought back as rotting zombies. Thermack left Onak-Al and returned to Brightport satisfied that the group would suffer a slow and grizzly end.   The adventurers were forced to fight their way through the city infested with ghouls but did eventually make it out alive. They returned to Brightport seeking revenge. With the help of Tessia Grimnas and Graddik “The Wanted”, they stormed the Darksbane house once more and had their showdown with Emon. Theremack would not go quietly however and used the blood of a white dragon he held captive inside the house to unlock his full potential in combat. He also activated several warforged soldiers that bared the same armor and gemstones as the ones from the city of Overwatch.   Eventually the group managed to defeat Thermack by freeing the white dragon who then bit Thermack in half.   Carter brought Thermack back into existence by producing his phylactery in Episode 81, but was killed a final time when Carter, still holding the jar, fell from the throne room window and shattered on the ground below.  

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Notable Kills

  • Nearly all of the citizens of Onak-Al

Notable Moments

  • Thermack's first appearance was in Episode 21 when he visited Group 2 in Onak-Al
  • He was killed in Episode 30 by Amarah
  • He made an appearance via phylactery in Episode 81 to help Carter defend the castle.


Thermack was an old and slender man. His skin looked as if it could barely cover the bones in is body. He wore elaborate robes. He would often flaunt his knowledge of the arcane and thought himself to be better than most people.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 21
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