Silvia Ebelmare

Human Slave


Katey and her twin sister Silvia were born in the town of Aubrey. Martin and Vallerie, their parents, separated shortly after the birth of their third child. Vallerie started a new life in Whitehedge on the east coast and took Katey and Silvia with her, leaving Martin and her new born daughter behind. Vallerie waited tables at a local bar to make ends meet and raised her daughters as best she could. When they were in their early twenties they took to adventuring and bounty hunting. The two made quite a pair. Katey was quick and sure footed while also being good with a bow. Silvia on the other hand was measured and stealthy and could destroy someone with a small blade.   They were known around Brightport for their ability to capture local law breakers and miscreants for cash. They had earned a reputation with the bandits and thieves there and before too long they conspired to have them removed. A local gnome named Graddik arranged for them to be dealt with in his favorite manor. He would have some of the local town guards that he paid off pick them up on trumped up charges. After that, he sold them to slavers from Onak-Al to take them back to their city and most likely never see them again. He made some money, the slavers got new gladiators and the bandits paid him to deal with the problem.  
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Katey and Silvia fought for their lives in Onak-Al on a number of fronts. Being women in that particular city was no joy as they were constantly assaulted by guards. This continued until one day, a large Tiefling named Vallus broke a guards arm who was attempting to have his way with Katey while Silvia was in the arena fighting for her life. Vallus was brutally beaten for his effort but took the beating in silence. Vallus had been sharing a cell with the two women for a week and had never said a word to them. That violent outburst had been the first time he’d shown any real passion outside of fighting in the arena.   After recovering from the attack, Vallus pledged to keep the two women safe as long as they were detained in Onak-Al. Shortly after this event a new group of prisoners arrived in their cell. Trixy, Galford, Rikus, Baranith, Tala and Tholomin got to know their new bunk mates slowly over a period of two weeks. Vallus, was silent as ever but Katey and Silvia would speak to the group from time to time. Tholomin in particular took an interest in Katey. She thought he was sweet, if a bit on the dumb side while Silvia wanted nothing to do with him and certainly didn’t want her sister any where near him.   It wasn’t long after that the men from house Darksbane visited from Brightport. Both Katey and Silvia knew what those people were capable of and sensed trouble. While the newest additions to the cell were taken into the arena after their chat with the members of House Darksbane, Vallus, Katey and Sil would remain in the cell and wait. Shortly after the group left, one of the men from Darksbane who appeared to be in charge approached the 3 slaves. He had a large, curved nose and an arrogant air about him. He told the 3 that today they would be facing their new friends in the arena. They would kill them or die trying. Should they resist or show mercy in any way, House Darksbane would not rest until their loved ones were found and punished severely.   There was something in the mans tone that told the 3, even Vallus, that he was serious. Perhaps Vallus at the very least would have resisted but the hooked nosed man seemed the know him or at least know OF him, calling him “The Butcher of Brightport”. Katey, Sil and Vallus had no choice but to march into the arena and murder the closest things to friends that they had in Onak-Al. Silvia was taken down by Baranith after a charging attack on Rikus and Trixy. She was beaten to death with Baranith’s staff. Katey on the other hand faired only slightly better. She managed to kill Tholomin after he charged toward her. Shortly after she was attacked by several members of the party, finally being finished off by Galford who used his Shadow Claws attack to finish the deed.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 18