Mul Rune Priest


Rikus was forced to leave his home in Durnhollow on the demand of his Mother. Upon leaving, he found himself wandering into temple where he learned the ways of Naaru, the god of justice and life. Rikus studied the works for years, which led him to Brightport.   Upon reaching Brightport, Rikus took one of the hundred “dirty jobs” that floated around the city, and was brought together with Galford, Rock, Trixy, and Tala. They were tasked with the removal of a band of troublemakers led by an individual named Blackteeth. After the death of Blackteeth, The group moved into the city where they met with an unscrupulous gnome named Graddik 'The Wanted.'   Graddik tasked the group with sneaking into House Darksbane (one of the three houses that helped maintain the economy of the city) and steal the “Golden Dragon,” an item that gave each house it’s power in the city. Though executed poorly, the mission was a success, but the group found itself fleeing House Darksbane being chased by its protector, a white dragon. The group was held for questioning in their involvement, but were sold into slavery by Graddik for their troubles.  
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Arc 1
Rikus (along with the party) were sent to Onak-Al, a slave-gladiator based city where the owners of the arena capture and force their captives to fight each other to the death. There, Rikus met Katey and Silvia Ebelmare, and Vallus Grimnas. Rikus and the party were forced to face off, and eventually kill all three in order to stay alive.   The party woke in the dungeons to find that everyone in the arena was dead… or undead. The group went through, and escaped the arena whilst trying to piece together the happenings and reasons behind the zombies that surrounded them. While escaping, Tala was bitten, and by the time the group arrived back at House Darksbane, they were forced to dispatch her.   The group went through the house, facing off with Doug the Beholder, and eventually removing Thermack as well as Laura Cree. The group took control of the house from there, and would eventually return to Onak-Al to fix the last problem that Thermack left before his death.   After their return to the house, Rikus and the rest grew restless and eventually left Brightport, leaving Tessia in charge of House Dragonkeep. They arrived in Lochfort some time later and Rikus met a man named Patsy Patsy in the tavern. He agreed to lead the party into the Silver Glade to help with the local werewolf problem.   Rikus and the group found the werewolves, and that day more than half of the party, including Rikus died at their claws and teeth .

Appearance and Personality

  Rikus’ build is much like a stocky lineman in football. Bald head, he has one tattoo on his chest that reads “Protect those who can not protect themselves” in black ink.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Defender of Naaru
  • Founding member of House Dragonkeep
  • Killed by werewolves in Episode 65
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 11

    Aligned Organization