Human Bandit


Herman “Blackteeth” D’Cater was the leader of a group of thieves that lived in a forest just outside of Brightport called "Bandit's Rest". A particularly ruthless breed of thug, Blackteeth made a name for himself by robbing the more well protected (and thus, well stocked) merchants and traders heading in and out of Brightport.  
Show spoiler
Blackteeth and his gang did not survive their encounter with Group 2, falling to Galford's magic in the end.


Blackteeth was a fairly large man. Standing at 6’1″ with long unkempt hair and a terrible, blackened smile. His demeanor was that of an aggressive homeless man. The name “Blackteeth” came from his terrible dental hygiene and possible jellybean addiction
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 11