Tala Prithaine

Razor-claw Shifter Druid


A shapeshifter whose mind was as unstable as her physical form, Tala Prithaine would behave as a tough-as-nails fighter in one moment and act as a mere child the next. Perhaps never meant to inhabit this world, Tala's past was a mystery not meant to be solved, and her future was a dark corridor which ended so abruptly most never even knew she existed.   One of the first to throw a punch, Tala was there when her group invaded House Darksbane of Brightport, one of the only to look the baby white dragon in the eyes. She helped to steal the statuette which was soon after lost to Graddik, and was furious when she was bound into slavery in the ring.  
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Arc 1
After holding her own in the arena, Tala hoped that escape may be an option one day. However, the young shapeshifter only received a brief glimpse of the outside world. As the zombie horde which took over the city came down, the group escaped- but Tala was bitten. In search of a cure her group dragged her back to House Darksbane, but salvation arrived too late, and Tala died in that cursed house. Her body showed signs of being stolen, but so far what happened to her corpse is an unsettling mystery.

Appearance and Personality

  Like most shifters, Tala could never pass as a human girl. Her eyes glowed an ethereal gold and her ears ended in a point. Her dirty-blond hair was always pulled back into a ponytail, and though she rarely smiled, when she growled one could see that her teeth were sharpened to points. She had golden-bronzed skin that was often caked with blood and dirt, and dressed in animal furs.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Succumbed to the zombie bite and was killed by Galford in Episode 30


  • Made a cameo as a notable corpse in Episode 92
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 11

    Dirty Blonde
    Aligned Organization