Braylon Gallbuck

Halfling Bard


Braylon comes from Brightport where he made quite a name for himself with his bardic talents. "The Child Star of Brightport" seems to have some family issues and is estranged from them.

  Arc 1
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Braylon's past as an entertainer was not as lucrative for him as it was for others, like his family. His parents took advantage and made him perform at every opportunity. When his brother Leon attempted to kill him, Braylon took the opportunity to disappear and escape from Brightport and his family.


He fled to Fairbay where he met Group 2 who were heading away from his home.
Braylon would find a family with these new people, bonding with Khoury, Daegon, Aralove, Acteronis, and Kalden, who arrived later.
Their journey would take them to Odysia, where they rescued Briahna Ebelmare and Craig Mason.
They found an Eladrin ship at the docks, the Alu'Yaanda and commandeered it. They sailed toward the Yemgar Swamp to speak with The Witch, which they did.
Khoury was given some bad news and rushed into the swamp and naturally everyone followed. They managed to convince her to stay and continued toward the Evergreen on foot.
After spending the night in a variety of caves, Briahna opened a gate that led them to Esterholt just in time to see Jadzia and Vallus' wedding where Braylon joined the band.


The group found that the others at the wedding had similar goals in going back to the Witch as well as collecting their ship. They flew back on Amarah, trekked back to the Witch's cabin and learned of a world changing development that would cement each of them in the history of Theria.


Over the next 2 months, Braylon and his friends would sail to the Ashen Sea and nearly die by icebergs, fight a purple worm, free Aubrey from the threat of Vampires and eventually return to Brightport, to Braylon's dismay.


They would be threatened into taking extra crew and cargo on the ship by the Black Hand as they sailed to Ta'lor to find the Eladrin. They survived a massive storm with the help of the additional crew but afterwards discovered that the cargo was guarded by demons.
With the demon threat revealed and the cargo, the legendary axe Stormrender, on board, they recruited two of the Black Hand's crew to their side.


While trying to recruit Leon(person:63736bb9-9309-4b9f-9cf5-00cecea8d60b), the last of the Black Hand's non-demon crew and Braylon's brother, he fired a crossbow aimed for Krea but Aralove stepped in to take the hit. She was killed in the process but Khoury quickly resurrected her with the scroll she got from Marrek in the library.


Daegon quickly stepped in and punched Leon from the boat into the open sea.


The party made their way to Ta'lor and found the Eladrin hidden deep within a mountain. They were frozen in stasis, and could only be saved by a psion sacrificing themselves at the great seal on Ki'an.
Braylon watched as his friend Daegon said his goodbyes and stepped up to perform the ritual and free his people but was saved that fate by Briahna Ebelmare. That did not save him from losing more friends that day as Khoury ascended to godhood and Acteronis link to her faded, killing him as well.


The assembled heroes made their way back to the mainland where they scattered to the wind...the gods released.

  Arc 2
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Years later, and back in Fairbay, Braylon and Kalden were still on the run from the Black Hand and had joined a new team.
In the year 1266, on the first of Yeste', they celebrate the new year with the locals and of course, were attacked by Black Hand hired thugs. They spent the night at Tatiyana's parent's home before leaving for Lochfort.


Along the way, they were attacked by a swarm of Razor Flies, costing Kalden his arm and delaying a planned meeting with more of the Hand's thugs.


In Lochfort, they talke to the local herbalist about fixing Kalden's arm but were deterred by a gang called The Fang.
The Fang were contracted by the Black Hand to apprehend Braylon and Kalden and bring them back to Brightport. After discussing it with the group, Braylon got onto a stage in the middle of town and began putting on a show to draw the Fang out to attack, which the guards witnessed and apprehended Fang members, losing six of their own in the process. Several Fang were slain as well but it gave the party time to regroup and race to Donhurst to stop a new plot. The Fang were also after the Bell of Vecna, which was kept in Donhurst and had to be stopped.
Braylon and his friends beat the Fang to the city only to discover it was nearly abandoned, except for the demons and undead. They met a new friend, Larg, who helped them locate the bell and Kalden performed a ritual to cleanse the city.


Barely escaping the city when the Fang arrived, they began a new journey toward Durnhollow to find survivors of Donhurst and, possibly, Larg's friend, Elyn .
In the Dead Wood, they met a strange gnome, Decki, battled orcs and found a woman with amnesia and a curious problem. They discovered that the young lady, Tamera Sellers, had a case of lycanthropy and fought against both her and each other to keep her alive.


After a trip to Durnhollow the group was attacked by Black Hand assassins and Larg was lost. They returned to Durnhollow where Elyn Sable resurrected Larg, at the price of her own life. While they were on the way back for Larg, Braylon and Kalden thought it wise to take tapolm, a hallucinogen that Kalden believed might allow them to commune somehow with a higher power.
It did not.


What it did was cause Braylon to lose his short term memory of the last two years. After some explaining, Larg back in the world of the living and leaving Durnhollow yet again, the group heads for a cave near Odysia.
Once inside the cave, the party locates the last of the components they need to make a cure for Braylon's memories.
While crossing the Blackrock mountains, they attempt to rest in a cave which unfortunately was occupied by a red dragon. During the fight, both Braylon and Larg were caught in the flaming breath and died instantly.

  Arc 3
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While his group speaks with Vecna after a bell ritual, Vecna decides to bring Larg and Braylon back as revenants to help restore some balance against the demons.

Appearance and Personality


Braylon is generally happy, friendly and ready with a witty comment. He has a wide variety of songs at his disposal and uses them creatively to help his friends.


Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Helped save Craig Mason in Episode 96
  • Played with the band at Jadzia and Vallus' wedding Episode 121
  • Helped defend the Seal from Kal'tos and witnessed the release of the gods Episode 200
  • Braylon, along with Larg, was killed when a red dragon attacked their group in a cave. Efforts have been made to bring them both back to life, the results of which will learned early in Arc 3
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 90

    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    The Child Star of Brightport
    Other Affiliations

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