Half-Orc Vampire


This half-orc vampire is in a class all by himself. He has said to have never sired a single soul, instead choosing to drain every victim dry. If you were to ask anyone with partial knowledge of his tales, you would hear unspeakable acts of violence against any number of races, creeds and religions. It’s almost as if he is a manifestation of aggression itself. He has not been alive nearly as long as some vampires but his rage is the reason for his fame, not his age. There have been countless sightings of him over the decades in almost all corners of Theria. It is said that he makes his home in the underworld, among the Drow and monsters in the darkness.   Show spoiler
Udoben was killed by Acteronis and Group 2 in Episode 146


Large, angry and the embodiment of evil.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 105