Arc 2 - Episode #030

The Messengers

General Summary

28th of Yeste' - Mid Day
The group checks in with Poe and he informs them that he will be leaving the city and going back to Overdale to reconnect with Liara. He offers them one last job and gives Marrek a note, which contains information about an Archmage who specializes in curses and rare diseases.

Councilman Yorvin Zerath asks the party to deliver a messages to the house leaders in Brightport informing them that Onak-Al would no longer be under their control.

They agree to carry the message and after leaving his chambers, the party splits into two groups. Marrek and Ephany go to the market and get food for a final meal at the temple while the rest search for a Drow who was mentioned to be in the city.

The Drow, Glendra, is easily found at the Golden Circle. She asks Klara if the party knows any of the names on a list she carries, which Klara does not but invites Glendra to the temple to ask the others.

After they leave the bar, Klara makes a beeline straight back to the temple and once there informs everyone that she thinks Glendra is an assassin. They all get caught up and while cooking dinner and discussing things, Glendra walks in.

No one has any real information to share except for Marrek but he busies himself with cooking and avoids the questions as best he can.

Glendra leaves, knowing only what she came in with and after dinner, Marrek sits down with the party to explain his lycanthropy and shows them the letter from Poe.


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Release date: 18 Mar 2018 - Download the Episode

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18 Mar 2018
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