Eliwrath Beestinger

Halfling Barbarian


At a young age Eliwrath lost her mother and sister to a house fire and was unable to save them despite her best efforts. She still bears burn scars on her hands from trying.
After that loss, she learned to fight ferociously from a minotaur in Ebony Harbor and decided that she would join others trying to save as many people as possible.
She made her way to Overwatch shortly after Carter fell and joined the White Ravens along with Coal, Sora, Eryn, Evelynn, and Ingrid.

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Arc 1
Eliwrath and the group fought orcs, vampires and eventually the werewolf pack that massacred Lochfort. She stood toe to toe with each enemy they faced and never looked back. After helping to defeat the werewolves, the group headed back to Overwatch for a new mission and some down time. There, they took a job as emissaries to Winterhaven. On their arrival, they discovered an underground "club of fighting" which Eliwrath immediately took to and continued to compete in when the group disbanded sometime after the orcs were deterred from taking up residence near Winterhaven.   Arc 2

Years later, while again competing at the "club of fighting", Eliwrath met Klara and shortly after rejoined Ephany, AvAlan, Calluna to hit the road and picked up Marrek in Fairbay.
Only days later, she would contract Slough Fever from a roadside corpse and spend the better part of 2 weeks getting closer to death as her friends searched for a cure.
They found themselves in Lochfort, only to be redirected towards Brightport but decided to take a chance travelling across the Wastes to Onak-Al. For almost a week the group fought the desert but finally arrived at the city and to a cleric named Vaysys Durse who cured the disease.
With a new found lease on life, Eliwrath is poised to help reform the group she joined years earlier and make the world a better place.


Appearance and Personality

  Mighty with words as well as her fail, Eliwrath is usually the first to jump into the action, or sometimes, slightly behind Sora. She has faced down giants, werewolves, orcs and dragons and will fiercely defend her friends with everything she has.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Saved Davin in Episode 124 by zip-lining into a raging river and pulling him to safety
  • Helped defeat the Alpha werewolf and his pack in Arc 1, Episode 147
  • Yelled at a hill giant and made him regret his recent decisions in Episode 161
  • Contracted "Slough Fever" in Arc 2, Episode 5 and was later cured.
  • Jumped into a pit of venomous snakes to save Marrek, did not die in Arc 2, Episode 35
  • Eliwrath rode the last mammoth on Ellara, Biggun in Arc 2, Episode 40

    Critical History Checks

  • The Nu'Val (Episode 166)


  • Can speak Giant
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 100

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