Arc 2 - Episode #025


General Summary

24th of Yeste'
Eliwrath meets Poe at the Golden Circle to deal with a group of Overwatch loyalists who are running off other patrons. Unable to deal with them quietly, they leave to gather the others.

Meanwhile, the rest get reprimanded by the casino owner over alleged cheating during Klara's fight and the prize money is forfeit.

25th of Yeste'
The next morning, the party regroups at the bar to deal with Breck and his friends. They sit at tables surrounding the thugs and slowly provoke them into attacking, which is witnessed by the city guard and the jerks are removed.

26th of Yeste'
Everyone prepares to fight Gar in the arena and when the fight begins, they realize why Gar is undefeated. Klara and Avalan fall during the fight but Calluna manages to get the final blow on the gladiator.

Calluna, having had feelings of danger from the SIlver Glade all day, decides to leave and head home to see if they can help with whatever trouble may be brewing.


Notable Kills

  • Gar, knocked out by Calluna

Locations Visited

Group C

Player Characters

Release date: 04 Feb 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
04 Feb 2018
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