Kalden Halek

Half-Elf Sorcerer


Kalden was found by Braylon while hanging around the tavern in Ebony Harbor. They bonded immediately and Braylon invited Kalden to travel with them. They eventually became fast friends and shenanigans tend to follow them. He hails from the northern mountains and has a heavy interest in dragons and the Silver Glade.   Show Spoiler
Arc 1
Kalden joined Group 2 when they stopped briefly at Ebony Harbor for supplies. They traveled by sea to The Frost Basin northeast of Aubrey where the ship sustained enough damage to force them to stop. After walking to Aubrey, the party met Father White and Alexandra and helped them defeat a powerful half-orc vampire named Udoben. With the city safe, Kalden, a bunch of townsfolk and the few remaining vampires headed back to repair the ship.   With the Alu'Yaanda seaworthy once more, the party sailed to Brightport and were forced to carry some cargo and passengers to Ta'lor for the Black Hand.   Kalden, along with the rest of his group decided to betray the Black Hand on their way to Ta'lor and they have a bounty on their heads because of it.   After searching Ta'lor and finding the trapped Eladrin, the group joined Group 3 at the seal on Ki'an and helped defend it from Kal'tos and witnessed Briahna sacrifice herself while performing a ritual that would release the gods from their unnatural prison.   Arc 2
Kalden still travels with Braylon, both on the run from Black Hand and now with a new group of companions. In battle with some razor flies, the flesh was stripped from Kalden's left hand which he then requested Elena remove to avoid issues. She took off the arm near the elbow and they are still trying to find a way to get it back.   He and the party fought The Fang in Lochfort and raced to beat them to Donhurst. They found Donhurst abandoned but the Bell of Vecna was still in the city. Kalden perfectly performed a counter-ritual to banish the demonic presence in the city while his friends kept the monsters at bay.

Appearance and Personality

  Kalden is a thin, small framed half elf in his late twenties, standing no taller than 5'7". His elven features are prominent with pointed ears and an androgynous elegance, but haunted by an almost sickly countenance. His skin is pale, his face is gaunt and his cheekbones protrude to give him a hollow or hungry look. Dark circles ring a pair of pale blue eyes. His head is crowned with short, white hair. He looks as if he is getting over a fever or has had too little to eat. His limbs are thin and his silhouette is un-intimidating.   He wears simple robes and furs belted around his waist and draped over his shoulders. Also a pair of fur trimmed boots and gloves that are well worn from use. He looks like a mage dressed for the cold weather of a wilderness frontier.   Currently he is missing his left arm from the elbow down, though that may change. He has conjured a non functioning prosthetic of ice to attach to the wound in the past, but really only to appear symmetrical. It is not uncommon to see his icy magic swirling about him in some capacity, or frost lingering on parts of his body or clothes.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Spoke with Amarah psychically( Arc 1, Episode 167)
  • Lost most of left arm due to razorflies (Arc 2, Episode 9)
  • Momentarily possessed by Vecna, after ringing the Bell of Vecna (Arc 2, Episode 21)

    Practice Kills

    • A small frog
    • A squeaky, pink footed barn mouse
    • An injured deer
    • Mittens, a cat in Durnhollow
    First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 125

    Pale Blue Peepers
    Other Affiliations

    Character Portrait image: by Cole Vernon - InksplatterArchitect