White Dragon


Amarah was enslaved by Emon Thermack of House Darksbane, and used both as a glorified guard dog for his golden dragon statue and a source of power.   She first encountered her eventual rescuers when they broke into House Darksbane and made off with Thermack's golden dragon. By stealing it, they infuriated her to the point where she smashed her way out of the treasure room and chased the group through Brightport, devastating the city and causing massive damage as she went.   She was eventually captured and returned to House Darksbane. After this, Thermack chained her up and began to experiment on her with blood magic. This spurred her growth, and she grew rapidly in a short amount of time. Thermack began to use her blood for rituals, inflicting small wounds upon her.  
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The group who had originally stolen the Golden Dragon appeared once again, as they chased Thermack and his bodyguard, Laura, into Amarah’s prison room. Thermack used Amarah’s blood to transform himself into a lich in order to fight the intruders. The gnome, Galford Gardriz, freed her from her bonds during the fight, and Amarah took her revenge on Thermack.   After the fight, Baranith, an elf, healed Amarah’s wounds and spoke telepathically with her. The two bonded, and Amarah befriended the group, who took over the house and tried to make her life more comfortable. Baranith was the only one of the new household who could communicate directly with Amarah.   One of the group's first orders of business was creating a sizeable hole in the ceiling of Amarah's room so she could get out and fly around. After the ceiling door was created, the group took Amarah on a quest to purge the zombies that had infested Onak-Al. Amarah helped the group and their companions significantly in the fight, immobilizing and killing a great number of the zombies.   During the battle at Onak-Al, Baranith called upon Amarah with The Horn of Summons. Amarah arrived at the colosseum where Baranith and the rest of the group were being overwhelmed by zombies. After saving the group from certain death, she fought a zombified Blue Dragon. Returning the favor, the group turned their attention to the zombie dragon which eventually led to Vallus Grimnas landing the killing blow.   The group eventually left Brightport, and Amarah, behind under the care of Tessia Grimnas. She was used as a source of protection and transportation for the friends of Dragonkeep.   Unfortunately, her last act was furiously defending the city of Winterhaven from the onslaught of the giant black dragon Ru'Thamor. Amarah managed to hurt the beast and drive it off but was fatally injured during the fight.


Despite her aged appearance, Amarah is actually relatively young for a dragon. This is a result of blood magic used on her by Emon Thermack. She is as noble, proud, and intelligent as most of her species.   As with all white dragons, Amarah's body is covered in white scales. Living inside House Dragonkeep, she has been able to keep these scales especially clean, making them gleam brightly in the light.
First Episode:
Arc 1, Episode 13
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Being a dragon, Amarah is able to speak Draconic. Unfortunately, the power of her voice forces her to instead use a touch-based telepathy so as not to kill most listeners. Even this is known to cause great strain to most listeners.