Leeroy Garvey

Human Entertainer


Many years ago Leeroy used to be one of Ellara's most famous entertainers. He traveled from city to city performing in many types of venues.   Show spoiler
Recently, Leeroy has been attempting to revitalize his career and after a chance roadside meeting with some adventurers he found his opportunity.   The group offered Leeroy a chance to meet with the Winterhaven leadership to discuss performing a new play he was writing and in return, he would make them all famous by allowing them to perform in said play.   The city agreed to allow Leeroy to perform and a week later, to a packed house including Malchus Grimnas, Jadzia Grace, Vallus Grimnas and many more.   The play was a rousing success, at least temporarily lofting Leeroy's career back into the public consciousness.  
  • The first appearance of Leeroy Garvey was a small part in a Patreon one-shot episode where he played the part of a pastry critic in Lochfort


A human in his 50s, Leeroy has a bit of an alcohol problem and is showing his age. He wears a tattered suit but always presents himself with an air of dignity.

First Appearance:
Arc 2, Episode 19
Current Residence