Ellanan Duskwalker

Elven Archmage


Ellanan Duskwalker is an Archmage and the current head of Uman’Yiro. He first met Group 1 when they came to the city seeking help against the Overwatch, and as soon as he saw Ironhide he showed visible signs of something akin to disgust or disdain. Despite this, the Archmage did keep his composure and manners throughout the entire encounter. Duskwalker rejected the group’s offer as Uman’Yiro has no interest in any sort of war, saying they would help them seek information but nothing else, and he did tell them of the Beacon residing in the Overwatch that restrained the free will of the Overwatch warforged.  
Show spoiler
After the rest of the group had left Malchus stayed behind, telling Duskwalker that it would be good for him to have friends just in case. This did appear to have an affect on Duskwalker, and he later would show up in Winterhaven while the rest of the army gathered and approach Malchus in private. He provided the warlock with the Diara Si’eye (“Clean slate” in Elvish), a device that when activated would effectively destroy the entire warforged race.   Duskwalker left the activation of the device up to Malchus, saying that Uman’Yiro felt responsible for the warforged so they would provide a solution but they were still remaining out of the fight, and thus it would be up to them whether or not to put it to use. After the initial battle the Archmage was approached by Una Anhelada and a dying Ironhide, seeking information about what had happened. He was initially unwilling to give up information but Una was able to seduce it out of him - he told them about giving the device to Malchus and that he knew of no way to save Ironhide.   He returned to Uman' Yiro and not long after took in Malchus when he needed a place to lie low.   Ellanan eventually had some interaction with Group 3 and a date with Una where he tried to get her to stay with him in the city. She put off giving an actual answer, but we can assume the answer was no.


The Archmage is an older elf who appreciates knowledge and is fairly egotistical. He is a powerful magic user, and desires to keep Uman’Yiro away from the continent and any wars or conflicts that might be taking place there. Duskwalker is disdainful of the warforged, and views them as savages and a blemish on (in his opinion) the city’s otherwise spotless record.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 53
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