Aria L'theya

Drow Psion


Aria first met Group 1 in Durnhollow on the 5th of Thorom. After a shaky introduction she ended up joining the party on their travels through Aubrey to Winterhaven.


Originally from Ebony Harbor, she spent much of her life underground in the drow city of Na’lue. She is a psion, though the exact nature of her powers are unknown even to her. At the moment she assumes that it’s some form of magic, and doesn’t have much control of it.

    Arc 1
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Aria traveled to Durnhollow without much incident where she met Malchus, Teveen, Duncan, and Theo.
Together they made their way west, Aria and Theo becoming fairly close. They found themselves helping Malchus prepare for a trial in Winterhaven, the scope of which may never have been seen. They visited Overwatch and Esterholt, gathering witnesses on Malchus' behalf and met many influential leaders. Between Winterhaven and Overwatch, the party rescued some folks with a wagon being attacked by hill giants. The rescuees turned out to be bandits who had killed the wagon's owners, and another fight ensued. Aria fired a blast at a bandit holding a dagger to Theo's throat but missed, causing the thug to slice Theo's neck deeply. The bandits were quickly defeated and Teveen, thinking quickly, managed to save Theo's life.


After visiting Overwatch, Aria continued back to Winterhaven with the team. As a final act of goodwill, and attempting to find a herb to heal Nathaniel Serverus, the party joined with a group of White Ravens to deal with a band of orcs setting up a new camp too close to the city.


Aria begged Malchus to take a diplomatic approach, drawing pictures to help break the language barrier. Together, they successfully negotiated with the orcs and were allowed to gather the herbs for Nathaniel afterwards.

  Arc 2
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After the trial, the events at the seal caused Aria to lose her powers, as all psions did. She and Theo settled down in Winterhaven and now serve as ambassadors wherever the city needs them.


Appearance and Personality


Aria is intelligent but not outspoken. Her almost crippling shyness is partly due to her struggles to grasp the finer points of social norms. However, once she gets accustomed to a person she can be talkative, especially if it’s about something she’s interested in. She’s extremely loyal to her friends and allies and would do anything for them, even if she doesn’t think she can do much.


Though she loves the outdoors, she feels most at home in a library full of unread books.


Important Dates and Achievements

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Critical History Checks

  • The mysterious lizardmen (Episode 168)


  • Aria keeps a nature journal which contains several sketches and notes. This is not a recent habit, and she has a few filled notebooks of the sort that she carries with her.
  • Despite her time in the horrors of underground Theria, she had never killed another person until joining up with Group 1.
  • In modern terms, Aria has a form of mild autism.
  • Her psionic powers are yellow, and when active her eyes turn completely white.
  • She has used the alias "Voluptuous Nightshade", though only under protest.
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 159

    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Ambassador of Winterhaven
    Aligned Organization