Inktober 2019 Day 6: Husky

Today's Prompt:

A raw, husky voice utters your name from the gloomy corner.
Their face cloaked in shadows, you're not even sure what species
this character is, let alone their ethnicity. An arm extends a peace offering[
of a hefty pouch of gold--will you accept their bargain?

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Visandar the Unliving
Visandar the Unliving
6 Oct, 2019 13:01

Here's my drawing for day 6 :D  

6 Oct, 2019 13:18

akin to a Dementor, the Musicalich can suck all the music out of its vicinity, including from living beings. Its speech has all music drawn from it, making it sound as husky as you can imagine.

6 Oct, 2019 13:46
6 Oct, 2019 14:42

Access denied :(

6 Oct, 2019 18:43

Thanks for letting me know! It's corrected now.

Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
6 Oct, 2019 14:57

My sick self can't get more out of today then this I'm afraid.

Character | Nov 19, 2020

Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.
6 Oct, 2019 15:44

6 Oct, 2019 15:45

In my defense, I was expecting dogs.

Character | Jan 6, 2021

6 Oct, 2019 19:25

I've done a thing! Puppeteer illness

Visit Daeliha, Iphars & Khulgran
Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
Hey look, I have a CYOA maybe you wanna play it? :3
Kelissana Eralyn
6 Oct, 2019 20:40

Kelissana Eralyn
7 Oct, 2019 07:59

Decided to create a standalone article for Day 6 instead of combining the prompt with Day 5.

Zeke Lionhart
Luiz Henrique P. de Carvalho
6 Oct, 2019 23:33

Dwarf size

Dwarves are the result of generations of Humans working in mining and forging of stone and ores. The constant use of Earth magic in their daily lives changed the workers through the generations, giving them the qualities and characteristics of the element.

7 Oct, 2019 00:43

7 Oct, 2019 02:20

6:31 [Husky] : With their nomadic lifestyle, traveling Ni’kashiga favor traditional foods like the tamai’ of Ochi Maninhka. This simple but popular meal is made from watanazoe, dried corn bathed with a pickling lime made from crushed burnt seashells, which is ground and then steamed inside of corn husks. Filled with anything from fauna meats to fruits to legumes, vegetables, and seeds, they are easily carried and heated over flames or coals, or even served cold. Larger caravans may luxuriate in serving huridine foods, but for the lone traveler or scout? Nothing beats the tamai’!

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
7 Oct, 2019 03:22

Couldn't fit it into today's article, so another sketch only day!

7 Oct, 2019 03:34

Lozro Ruchen
really like how the article turned out, but gonna have to redo that image for sure

~Confused Soup
Atena Luna
7 Oct, 2019 05:58

7 Oct, 2019 10:07

Rabbit fern   A bit short, but hey, it's still something! :)

7 Oct, 2019 10:46

Heffé's Day 6 - the Orcs and Dwarves of the Ring.

The Ring cover

Heffé, worldbuilder of The Hefflings
7 Oct, 2019 15:16

Double trouble today! A gang, and a few of its members in the act of some kind of crime!

Hounds of Fovenis
Organization | Nov 22, 2022

A mysterious gang from Central Abravost, often associated with Vosti Emperors

Inktober 6 - Husky by Isaac Thompson

Writer of Tiyu Amara, and The Last Line
7 Oct, 2019 22:58

8 Oct, 2019 03:39

Went kinda boring with this one. Don't have much time to flesh things out.

Ariel Webster
8 Oct, 2019 04:17
8 Oct, 2019 15:11

Journeyman TheDumbOwl
Alex (TheDumbOwl)
8 Oct, 2019 19:09

Not everything in Vertinall is goofy looking or stupid   THERES PUPPIES TOO LOOK AT THE PUPPY. ITS SO CUTE.

Straight up a husky by TheDumbOwl (Me)

Sage Innokha
Victoria Stone
11 Oct, 2019 22:19

Inktober19' #6: Wapi

12 Oct, 2019 11:34

13 Oct, 2019 04:20

14 Oct, 2019 17:17

The shed carapaces of the Great Sandworms

Sandworm Husks
Material | Oct 14, 2019

Eric Ehlers
15 Oct, 2019 00:07
Jacob Billings
18 Oct, 2019 06:54

I wrote about another species. Not perfect and nowhere near finished, but hey. I'll finish later.

Whisper Wolf
Species | Oct 18, 2019

21 Oct, 2019 16:15

A relative to the Husky, the Spittern Hound was a breed of wolf used to power basic contraptions. Sadly, it has died out.

Spittern Hound
Species | Oct 8, 2020

Dr Jimothy
Jimmy Shrekson
21 Oct, 2019 20:15

Drew Peppley
22 Oct, 2019 02:45

Kinda decided to portray this as in a husk or simply a shell

23 Oct, 2019 15:30

A spell that can result in Lycanthropy if used improperly.

27 Oct, 2019 23:06

Day 6 & 27: Husky & Coat I combined these two prompts for a premier breed of dogs from the Skylands.

29 Oct, 2019 21:11

Something cute emerging from something cruel, with rot and newborns :3

31 Oct, 2019 15:07
1 Nov, 2019 08:08

An attempt was made to draw a husky. Animals are hard...

by Snake__Venom

1 Nov, 2019 15:40

1 Nov, 2019 20:43

Seek a new dawn, in Malkora!
Check out Antecedents, my entry for On the Shoulders of Giants!
2 Nov, 2019 23:44