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Spirit-Huskies of Kõrp

This is where the battle was fought. A brutal bloodbath between the marshmen and our forefathers. On these river banks, the loyal hounds of ancestors ripped apart all they could, until exhaustion and a volley of arrows had put them all to sleep.
— Kaarel of Kõrp

  There exists a local legend in the town of Kõrp in Sarala about a legendary battle and the huskies that died there. According to their oral tales, long before the unification of the Kingdom of Sarala, a band of raiders had emerged from Pahki Marsh, threatening to strike Kõrp, a relatevly small village at the time.
  The village elder rallied his people to set up defences but before those could be finished, the raiders attacked. As the first arrows landed around them, the men of Kõrp rushed for their homes to grab whatever they could use as weapons. The raiders advanced and tried killing as many as they could, but then something strange had happened.
  All of the huskies in the village rushed into the battle to assist their fleeing masters. They successfully stopped the raiders from crossing the river unopposed, tearing into their flesh with ease as they lacked armour. After most of the advancing raiders had died in a mere minute and the villagers were seen returning, the raiders fled. Still enranged at their invaders, the dogs pursued them, chomping on their legs as they slowly pushed back through the water. With the dogs in the water and most of the raiders out, the archers of the marshmen unleashed a volley of arrows, killing most of the dogs. With that last strike, they fled, leaving the village alone.


The villagers recovered their fallen companions and gave them a typical Saralian burial. A few of those who survived but were wounded had joined them soon after the event. As their deaths had greatly affected the mood of the entire village, the locals held ceremonies in their honour and made sacrifices to thank them for their loyalty. A year later, on the day of the battle's anniversary, the spirits of the fallen huskies all returned, offering comfort and friendship to the village. They then departed the next morning, never to be seen again.
  Over three thousand years have passed since that day, but the people of Kõrp still remember their bravery. Many of them hope that the huskies of their ancestors will return again when the town is threatened. Some say that they will rip apart their enemies as they had done before while others believe that they will encourage or possess the existing dogs to do the same.
Date of Setting
c. 2000 BA
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