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The Husky Voices

The secret to keep all secrets. A society built in order the make sure the world is in check.


all members are equal. they normally do not make contact with each other. If there is an important matter to discuss, a member may send the word and all those who hear of it are required to come and debate on the subject until some decision is made.

Public Agenda

The Husky voices believe that the world is not safe without someone having all the information as only by knowing everything can a person make the right decision. because of that they took it upon themselves to learn all the secrets of the world and hide them in a secret room which only they have access to. with the information they gain they can push political figures to make the right choices.


A secret room in [library]


after [some war] a few spies from the different sides decided to have a meeting where they agreed that had the kings known all the facts before acting, the war never would've happened. As a result they decided to create a brotherhood which will keep all the secrets of the world.

The secrets are ours to keep.

Secret, Brotherhood

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