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Summer Camp 2021 Pledge Document

Which project are your worldbuilding efforts tied to?

This is just general world building because I like it. I'd ultimately like to use my world in a real RPG campaign, but for now it's just for me. And for anyone else who might be interested.  

What world are you working on?

I'm working on my current world Binaka, Fourth Age. Most likely everything I do on World Anvil will be in Binaka... unless I can use subworlds for each age.  

Which area of the world(s) are you working on?

I am going to focus on the nation of Vidapa and the Yibiduri people. The nation is located along the southwestern coast of Mishtz̀azey, the opposite side of the continent from the Eastern Principalities, which I wrote about last year.  

How much are you aiming to complete?

I'd really like to get all 31 prompts done. However, my minimum target is 20 prompts, with anything above that nice bonuses.  

When will you write?

I have three different times when I'll be able to write.
  • Lunch hour at work. I can spend 45–60 minutes two or three days a week during my lunch hour. That's when I started this document. The specific days depend on what errands I need to run.
  • Evenings at home. I will be spending at least an hour an evening for three or four evenings Sunday through Thursday nights. Again, specific days depend on what is going on at the time. And whether I stayed up too late working on Summer Camp the night before.
  • Weekends. This includes Saturday and Sunday. And maybe Friday night. Realistically, this will be Saturday night for 2–3 hours.
  There is an exception here. I'm taking a week vacation from work in the middle of the month. I don't know how much I'll do that week. It depends on what the family is doing.  

Who is your support network?

  I'll chat here and there with various members of my family (my wife and four kids).  

Prompts and Articles

  These come from the offical home for Summer Camp 2021.  


Building A bulding associated with healing the sick Rini Dzipudzi List All
Condition A medical condition which is feared by some Yivugudzi List All
Technology A new medical cure, treatment or breakthrough Write List All
Species A species of working animal ayitsi List All
Ethnicity An ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after Yibiduri List All
Item An extraordinary writing tool (or type of writing tool) yupesugu List All
Location An area or geographical landmark wrapped in myth, legend, or superstition Write List All
Myth A myth about a mountain, lake, cave, or other landmark Write List All
Myth A myth or fairytale about a prophecy, oracle, fortune-telling, or other revelation Write List All
Ritual A festival associated with a celestial body Write List All


Location An inhospitable region or geographical landmark Zi Fuye Kuviki List All
Species A plant or animal that lives in an inhospitable region watching trees List All
Ethnicity An ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region Mingkadu List All
Organization An old or ancient organization which still casts a shadow Write List All
Language A lost or ancient language Hedta List All
Item An ancient and/or powerful artifact Write List All
Organization A religious order founded or based in your world's history Gitchyi va Tsadza List All
Ritual A coming of age cermony tsiva uru List All
Document A famous letter or message Tsunyuma List All
Profession An often undervalued but vital profession sijuli List All


Building A building associated with crime or justice Write List All
Person A renowned pirate, highwayman or other criminal Write List All
Formation A unit or squad who guards an important person Write List All
Settlement A settlement known as a pleasure town or for louche behaviour Write List All
Person A brave hero, who hides a secret past Write List All
Person A romancer, paramour, or other amorous individual Write List All
Organization A large business, corporation, or trade guild Write List All
Material A vital trade resource that supports a settlement or region Write List All
Settlement An industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement Write List All
Rank A title which cannot be bought, only earned Write List All


Military Conflict A bloody coup, rebellion or uprising in your world's history. Write List All

Summer Camp 2021 Articles-After-The-Fact

tsiva uru
Tradition / Ritual | Oct 9, 2021

My Summer Camp 2021 Pledge

I will spend at least an hour a day working on Summer Camp prompts; I will complete 20 prompts; I will attempt to complete all 31 prompts; I will acknowledge that I have a family and full time job should not be disappointed if I fail to fully meet this pledge.   — Michael Johnson
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Jun 16, 2021 19:23 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Good luck with Summer Camp! :) Writing during your lunch hour is a good idea!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jun 17, 2021 17:33 by Michael Johnson

Thanks! Writing during lunch helps keep me from writing all night :D

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