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Spooktober 2022

Well…I tried. But not nearly enough to submit. But, I'll keep them all, since they are all valid.  
  1. Portrait:
  2. Vanish:
  3. Abandoned:
  4. Enchant:
  5. Misfortune:
  6. Chasm:
  7. Thorn:
  8. Howl: Asprun and the Wuyehanam
  9. Mirror:
  10. Broken:
  11. Escape: Hoagie's Vision
  12. Slime:
  13. Haunt:
  14. Ruin:
  15. Mist: Dragon's Head—This a cloud formation coming off ... mountain range. It generally happens at least once in the spring, sometimes many times. It is rare in other seasons. When it occurs in a season other than the spring, it is seen as a bad omen. On very rare occasions, it is accompanied by a mist rolling down the mountain and into the valleys. This is usually taken as a good omen, even when it isn't spring.
  16. Whisper: Forest of Dreams. Enchantment causes those not able to resist to hear voices whispering to them, telling them to do horrible things.
  17. Shadow:
  18. Spirit:
  19. Relic:
  20. Unquiet: Forest of the eye tree
  21. Shatter:
  22. Lock:
  23. Door: City of the Red Doors
  24. Curse:
  25. Posses:
  26. Abyss:
  27. Echo:
  28. Darkness:
  29. Hunt:
  30. Tear:
  31. Drown:
Overall Meta

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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