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WorldEmber 2020

Planning and meta information for my participation in WorldEmber 2020. And here's my page.  

Homework Challenge Week 1

See the challenge page for details.  
  1. Read through your world, current to-do list, world meta. I haven't done this explicitly, although I did read through my Meta and update it.
  2. Pinpoint the areas or aspects of your world you'd like to expand. Done, mostly.
  3. Create a pledge document This is it!
  4. Share it! Done.


I'm going to cover the following areas. The number in parenthesis is the potential number of articles the area can provide.   That makes for 22 articles total. However, several of them can lead to more detailed pages, so I won't be wanting for things to write. I may be wanting for less to write, though. The good news is I have sketched ideas (in my head, on paper) for the Guide, the Wizard Kings and the holy book. And I've listed all the Scions and determined their related gods. So I'm already off to a good start, I think.   Not related to writing, but I just discovered the World Meta thing. Maybe that was added for Summer Camp, but I didn't see it then. So, I'll probably be putting that through it's paces.  

Homework Challenge Week 2

See the challenge page for details.  
  • Start by thinking about the best hierarchy for your world! You might need to read over the blog post again for ideas and advice! I'm constantly thinking about this. But I'm largely taking the DM approach mentioned on the challenge page. I've created a Campaigns category, and pulled the few articles that are campaign specific into it. I don't have a player's section at the moment. Once I get a better handle on everything I may add a player's section.
  • Go to the Articles and categories interface in World Anvil and create your article hierarchy. This is kinda well built, but I've got same articles nested in articles rather than categories. I did spend time splitting up a lot of the work I did for Summer Camp 2020 into more detailed catgegories.
  • Reorganize your articles into your categories! I've spent time and categorized everything. I'm not 100% satisfied with where everything landed, but it's better than it was before.
  • As a bonus, create a tagging system so you can find and list articles quickly whenever you need to! As with everything else, this is something that's evolving. I'd like to make a Tag Listing. Right now, I tag things related to events (e.g. summer camp 2020), major players (e.g. the god thosh), types of things (e.g. images tagged as header for a page header), and related to a category (e.g. scion).
  • Once you’re done, simply write a comment at the bottom of this blog post, and copy the URL of your World’s Homepage, so we can admire your exquisite organization! Remember to let us know how you enjoyed the challenge, too! Not there yet.

Homework Challenge Week 3

See the challenge page for details.  
  • Create a list of maps and images which might be useful for your world. If you’ve completed the first WorldEmber homework challenge, you can go through your Pledge and see which images and maps you’ll need for the articles listed there. I will be doing images for the Scions, all the active Gods, the Realms of Reality book, and probably the almanacs and wizard kings.
  • Find and upload the images to your World Anvil world, either as pictures or as maps! Remember to credit the artists! So far, I've built all the images I'm working on, in Portrait Worshop, an ancient program called Fyre, and by hand (on paper!). I'll probably also be doing some other artwork.
  • Add the images to your pledge document, so you’ll be more inspired when you look at it. You can either do this in a section at the bottom, as a gallery or next to the individual articles! I'll link galleries above.
  • Once you’re done, simply write a comment at the bottom of this blog post, and re-copy the URL of your WorldEmber 2020 Pledge Document into the comment!

Additional Things Done

This these are things that I've worked on for WorldEmber 2020 that don't have anything to do with the pledge.    


It is now January 3, 2021. WorldEmber 2020 is done. And I think I did pretty good. I approached 15,000 words in 46 articles and mostly stuck to what I had hoped to do. Having the plan helped a lot. I would have liked to do more of a blog with it, but, alas, I did not. I did write up two entries, though.   The biggest thing I wish I could have done was be more consistent. I did a lot up front (I had nearly 5,000 words in the first week), then slowed down, and had a final burst at the end. This is in part because I had a day off at the beginning and was able to get a lot of momentum for that first week and my company shuts down the week between Christmas and New Years, so I had that burst at the end. But I did not write consistently in between. I got some done, of course, but not what I would have liked.  

Moving forward

So, what do I do, moving forward? How 'bout a check list courtesy of the new interactive tables?  

All Worked-on Articles

Alvax án Déŗablo
Character | Dec 27, 2023

One of the Wizard Kings

Án Lölädän
Organization | Jan 8, 2021

The Masters believed themselves superior even to the gods.

Astral Realm
Geographic Location | Dec 9, 2020

A realm connecting all other realms through which most physical beings cannot pass.

Aubish naqī Vibdī
Character | Jan 4, 2021
Bang Thebaz
Organization | Jan 13, 2021

A cult dedicated to the worship and return of Žoax Ŗel.

Settlement | Jan 4, 2021
Character | Jan 13, 2021

First Scion of Shönäl, god of Death

Fire worm
Species | Jan 4, 2021

Fire breathing serpent

Character | Sep 7, 2023

First Scion of Thōsh, god of Nature

Character | Jan 14, 2021

The first Scion of Shözö, god of Passion

Character | Jan 14, 2021

The first Scion of Ŗažu, god of the Sun and Life

Ice Giant
Species | Dec 31, 2021
Ira'otu Nushar
Character | Dec 29, 2020
Character | Feb 10, 2021

First Scion of Valak, god of Fire and Metalworking

King's University
Building / Landmark | Dec 29, 2020
Character | Feb 9, 2024

The father of the gods

Character | Dec 7, 2020

The god of Conflict and War.

Character | Feb 11, 2021

The first Scion of Nép.

Mortal Realm
Geographic Location | Dec 9, 2020

One of the home realms of mortals.

Character | Dec 19, 2020

Master of the undead

Character | Feb 12, 2021

First Scion of Ŗadev, god of Air

Onlen Ninatnlat
Character | Jan 4, 2021

Well known Osnlil with an extensive library

Onlen's Home
Building / Landmark | Jan 4, 2021
Onlen's Library
Building / Landmark | Jan 4, 2021

Onlen's extensive library of books and other documents.

Pocket Realm
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 19, 2020

A usually small realm budded from another

Private Realm
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 8, 2020

A pocket realm whose natural laws obey the desires of its creator.

Qishaiŗo Tribe
Organization | Jan 4, 2021
Character | Dec 29, 2020

The god of Air, Weather, and Music

Character | Jan 11, 2021

First Scion of Oŗoros, god of Water and the Sea

Rotai Cabal
Organization | Jan 4, 2021
Shabai'aith Ptish
Organization | Jan 4, 2021
Sholtaish naqī Niok
Character | Jan 2, 2021
Stagstbur Research Group
Organization | Jan 11, 2021

A bioengineering research group aimed at weaponization

Character | May 5, 2021

First Scion of Nushŗa, goddess of Wisdom and Learning

The Battle of the Western Shore
Military Conflict | Sep 18, 2023
The Book of Žoax Ŗel
Document | Dec 7, 2020

The holy book of Bang Thebaz.

The Realms of Reality
Document | Jan 4, 2021

On the nature and mechanics of the realms underlying reality.

Character | Dec 28, 2020

The god of Nature

Building / Landmark | Jan 4, 2021

Threrdsul Facility — Initial home of the Scions

Character | Jan 11, 2021

First Scion of Árak, god of Corruption

Character | Jan 11, 2021

The Scion for Koďö, the god of war and conflict, Vuwqua is the Warmonger

Wizard Kings
Generic article | Feb 9, 2024

Powerful wizards who took it upon themselves to rule the world in the First Age

Item | Jan 4, 2021
Žan Éxurpé
Character | Jan 9, 2021

Fought with the gods against his fellow wizard kings

zhoobeug viper
Species | Dec 19, 2020

Snake known for its meat and poison

Character | Jan 11, 2021

First Scion of Blodä, Zhosis is the Peacemaker

Žoax Ŗel
Character | Feb 8, 2021

The most powerful of the God Kings.

Overall Meta


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