Gods in Binaka

The Three Fours

  These twelve gods call themselves "The Three Fours," or तऋ ङ्अणपॗऋ पॅऌ Án Žubukän Kiv /æn.ʒubukʌn.kiv/.  
  • Valak ऌूमूप – God of fire and metal working. Twin brother of Nép. Brother to Ŗadev and Oŗoros. Husband of Blodä, father of Shözö.
  • Nép ऋॖर – Goddess of earth and stone. Twin sister of Valak. Sister to Ŗadev and Oŗoros.
  • Ŗadev लूएृऌ – God of air. Twin brother of Oŗoros. Brother to Valak and Nép.
  • Oŗoros ढल॔औ॔इ – God of water and the sea. Twin brother of Ŗadev. Brother to Valak and Nép.

Deceased and Otherwise Missing Gods

The names listed above are in shown in the transcribed Latinized form and the "native" script of Thevan, which is the language these gods use natively.

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