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First Scion of Árak, god of Corruption.   Vontshy began her career at Threrdsul as a research assistant working for a fairly low-level researcher. She was one of many who wanted to be part of the Stagstbur Research Group. But she was willing to ruin the work of others to make herself look good—and just to wreck havoc on the scientists at the facility. When the director of the facility assigned Vontshy to Stagstbur it was under protest from Stastn, who saw Vontshy for what she was and didn't want her sabotaging his team. He reluctantly took her on.   Fortunately for Stastn, he has Zhosis on his team. While Vontshy did attempt to cause chaos, between the two of them she was reigned in and actually contributed to the team on occasion.   In the days leading up to the Great Plague, she made herself be as invisible as she could, intentionally avoiding conflict, so that she could make it through. Once she did, Árak quickly claimed her as scion. She has since proved useful in sowing chaos and corruption. She fought by her patron's side at the Battle of the Western Shore, and while she wasn't trapped herself, she has worked frequently to free him, although he sees being free less necessary as ensuring that his corruption is able to spread and take hold.

Mental characteristics


Vontshy has an insatiable sexual appetite, with a strong sadistic streak and no preference on the gender or orientation (or willingness) of her partners.
Year of Birth
14304 2268 Years old
Yellow, with very small pupils
Black, usually in a bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ashen gray
Apparent Age

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