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Stagstbur Research Group

Thirteen member group lead by Stastn at the Threrdsul facility. Most members of this group survived the Great Plague to become the Scions. The only one who didn't was Zyq, who created the virus that caused the plague.   The group was tasked with creating and enhancing bioengineering techniques for the furthering of the war. Most of the researchers were tired of finding new ways to destroy, but Zyq went mad from it. He decided the only solution was to remove all humans and human-derived beings from the planet and engineered a fast-spreading virus to accomplish the goal. He did this in secret until near the end, when he locked himself in a lab to do the final work.   Stagstbur was the woman who initially started the group at Threrdsul.


Stagstbur was an open group, with members answering to each other. Stastn was leader on paper, so he had final say on research, but he allowed much leeway in projects.
Dissolution Date
4123 TA, when the Great Plague began
Research, Medical


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