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A dozen scientists huddled in the private lab of one of their number. Stastn locked the door.   “Do you think he'll really do it? Will Zyq really release the virus he's concocted?” questioned Loshm nervously.   “Yes. I think he will. The last attack broke him.” Stastn was sure his former friend had completely lost all sanity.   “Then what do we do? We can't stop the release, he's put too many failsafes behind it!” Dewnt was showing signs of panicking.   “Relax, Dwent. The reason I brought all of you here is I have a plan. First, I can seal this lab so we aren't affected. I have several months rations stashed away. Second, I believe I've perfected the immortality treatment.”   “I'm not going to be turned into a monstrous vampire!”   “I understand. But I found the flaw in the original formulation. I found several, in fact. And I fixed them all. I need to make a final adjustment to combat the virus, and we'll be safe. We can survive this, and we can help those few who survive to find their way.”   Zhosis looked doubtful. “I'm not sure whether I trust that antique formulation, but if anyone could repair it, it's you, Stastn.” Resolve showed in his eyes. “I'm in.”   The remaining 10 looked at each other, Zhosis, Stastn. One by one, they agreed to survive the coming genocide. First Loshm, followed by Rhic, Jindack, Geren, Nylvor, Hak, Girt, Vontshy, and Vuwqua. Dewnt, recognizing this as their only chance, finally acquiesced.  
  A few days later, the virus was released, wiping out 99% of the population within the span of a month. The Great Plague had been devastatingly effective. Unsure of what to do, the twelve scientists remained in their sealed laboratory for another month, monitoring the effects, watching for survivors. There were no others in the complex, the virus having taken all the scientists, researchers, and support personnel within hours of the release. No one appeared on any of the monitors watching the surrounding land.   Fifty-nine days after sealing themselves in, they watched their monitors as a resplendent figure strode confidently toward the complex. He walked straight to the outer door of the lab without hesitation. All twelve of the scientists held their breathes as the mysterious figure simply opened the door, which was sealed with multiple interlocks.   “Welcome, friends! I am Ŗažu, Ruler of Life and Light! I welcome you to a brave new world.”   Over the course of the next several days, Ŗažu convinced the twelve former scientists to aid him and the other eleven gods walking the world in the rebirth of civilization.
  Over time, another twelve scions have been found. They have different origins, although Ŗažu has been involved in the creation of each. Each of the 24 scions known to exist are tied to closely to one of the twelve gods. They act as avatars, representatives, or ambassadors for the gods. Each has unique abilities, beyond their immortality. Thus far, none have been killed, although there have been close calls.  

Original Scions

StastnNushŗaStastn was the lead scientist who convinced the original 12 to survive the apocalypse. He was also the most brilliant and broadest studied of the 12 scientists.
by Michael D Johnson
LoshmNépLoshm is young, but solid and reliable. He's an excellent teacher and tutor.
by Michael D Johnson
DewntShönälOne of the more reluctant of the 12 to accept the immortality treatment as she did not wish to become a vampire. This endeared her to Shönäl. She's middle-aged, thoughtful, and spiritual. The immortality treatment had a negative side effect on her appearance, reminding her of desire to not be a vampire.
Dewnt Portrait
by Michael D Johnson
ZhosisBlodäThe first to trust Stastn on the immortality treatment. But he was already an elderly man, so he had little to lose. He was well known as a peace maker, which helped convince the others.
by Michael D Johnson
RhicOŗorosYoung and brash, but very intelligent.
Rhic Portrait
by Michael D Johnson
JindackValakYoung, firey, and impetuous.
by Michael D Johnson
GerenThōshSpecialized in plants. Middle aged, vibrant, and joyous with the outdoors. Doesn't like being inside manmade structures. His cape is made of a specialized plant leaf.
Geren Portrait
by Michael D Johnson
NylvorŖadevSlight build. Can be seen as vapid and flighty. But very reliable under pressure.
Nylvor Portrait
HakŖažuYoungish, but confident and wise beyond her years. Cares for all life.
Hak Portrait
by Michael D Johnson
GirtShözöGuitar playing surfer dude, always wooing the women. Lives for music festivals and the babes.
Girt Portrait
by Michael D Johnson
VontshyÁrakAlways meddling and interfering. Sabotaged projects just to cause failure and strife among colleagues.
Vontshy Portrait
by Michael D Johnson
VuwquaKoďöAlways ready for a fight, like Zintiel from Flaky Pastry. Wants to do the right thing but always takes the path of combat.
by Michael D Johnson
Genetic Ancestor(s)

Cover image: Header for the Scions by Michael D Johnson


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