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The first Scion of Oŗoros, Rhic appears to be young and brash, but very intelligent.   When Oŗoros first saw Rhic, he saw his long dead wife, Talalaän, in Rhic's face. It was as if he were the son they never had. This, beyond all other reasons, is why Oŗoros became Rhic's patron.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Able to breathe in water as well as air.
  • Can swim at the same speed as he can walk/run.
  • Vision is unimpeded by water or even most air/water contaminants. That is, he can see through fog and haze, as well as in muddy water.

Specialized Equipment

Rhic's crossbow, Stinger, is able to function as well in water as in atmosphere, and has a greater range and more power in air than most other crossbows. It imbues a magical field around the bolts as they are fired that helps them cut through whatever fluid they are in. The crossbow itself is immune to any possible damage from water (even salt water) and the bolts Rhic uses are designed to survive extended periods in salt water.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

  • Specialized in water-based fauna when working in Stagstbur Research Group. Had a few minor successes before the Great Plague.
  • Spent a lot of time in the water (salt and fresh) working with his creations and the sources for his work.
  • In part due to his strong affinity with water, Oŗoros chose him as Scion.
  • Was given a crossbow by Oŗoros that is equally effective in the water as in atmosphere prior to the Battle of the Western Shore. Rhic keeps it to this day.
Year of Birth
14315 2257 Years old
Bright blue
Short, dark brown dreadlocks
Apparent Age

Cover image: by Michael D Johnson
Character Portrait image: by Michael D Johnson


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