Sérilurpéu Pēxäk

Sérilurpéu Pēxäk, or the Keepers of Insanity, is the kingdom/cult rulled by Galith Redbeard. The name is in Thevan. It was named by Galith in reference to his moniker Galith the Mad, which he embraced and has begun using the Thevan name for "the one who is insane", Äv Pēxäb.


There is no real structure to the Keepers beyond "what Galith wants Galith gets". However, he does have a few top generals and other high-level support personnel. Of course, the entire organization relies primarily on the fact that Galith can, at this point in time, destroy any single one of his supporters, with the possible exception if Kŗivaj.  
  • Galith Redbeard. Galith is the unopposed leader of Sérilurpéu Pēxäk. He maintains that position by force—force of will and threat of force against all opposition. Most members will act upon his whim unquestioningly.
  • Kŗivaj. Galith's second in command is arguably more powerful that Galith, and was unarguably so when they first met and Kŗivaj first started following Galith. However, Kŗivaj feels a sense of obligation to Galith, at least for now, since he was freed by Galith after millenia encased in stone. Most higher level members of the organization answer to Kŗivaj rather than Galith, simply because Kŗivaj values keeping solid performers and Galith wants all mistakes punished.
  • Nujox. A general created by Galith from a strong Ice Giant. Galith was concerned that some of his generals may not be loyal. So he created Nujox. Nujox is indeed loyal, and will die for Galith.
  • Alternative Names
    Keepers of Insanity
    Head of State
    Government System
    Notable Members

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