Galith Redbeard

Ifaroga Freotbea (a.k.a. Galith the Mad, Äv Pēxäb)

Galith Redbeard, known as Ifaroga Freotbea /iˈfaɾoga.frɛotˈbɛa/ among the dwarfs, is a self-exiled dwarfish king who has allied himself with the Rup Shéxul known as Kŗivaj and is amassing an army of various groups of humanoid and mostrous fighters.   Removed from all leadership roles for insisting that he should be made Eopit, Galith has brokered an alliance with a powerful giant, a Rup Shéxul known as Kŗivaj.   He has built a stronghold in the icy mountains of the north and is amassing an army of monstrous humanoids. He intends to overrun each of the kingdoms of the Dwarfish Empire with a superior army and install himself in his rightful place as emperor.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Galith carries an enormous hammer, which he forged and enchanged himself, that he calls Ufishei Paf /ufiˈʃɛi.paf/, or little smasher. It weighs 90 kg. It is magically cold, freezing water on contact and causing frostbite in living beings hit by it. In addition, Galith can use it to summon a blizzard that can last up to 10 minutes, with blowing snow and ice and freezing winds.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Galith was once the Tihu for Ur Dashujach, the Deep Dwarfs. But when the Dwarfish Empire was formed he felt that he deserved to be emporer more than Ian Stonecarver, as the Deep Dwarfs have a better understanding of the belly of the earth than Ur Umuti. This was not the purpose of the Empire so the other atihu denied his petition.   When he started plotting against all of the other kingdoms, his own chief advisor, Galen of the Deep Delves, challenged him to izoži. After a humiliating defeat, Galith stormed off, leaving Galen in charge of Ur Dashujach.   Several weeks later, he returned and challenged Ian Stonecarver to izoži. While not obligated to accept the challenge (the title of Eopit was established as an elected position), Ian did accept and soundly defeated Galith. Embarassed once again, Galith left for the frozen mountains of the north. He took a small cadre of loyal followers with him.   Galith has spent the intervening decades (94 years) sinking deeper and deeper into his narcissism and megalomania. However, he has also grown in power and strength. Not only does he command an army that now numbers in the thousands, he has spent much time and energy enhancing his personal abilities.   At the moment, Galith considers himself to be the king of his army, which has many beings in it that are physically large. But he dreams of being their god. To that end, he has subjected himself to many procedures, magical and otherwise, which have increased not only his magical skills, but also his physical size. He is now a giant in his own right, standing 3.4 m tall. He has the strength of 10 men and wields magical power that is begining to approach that of the ancient Wizard Kings. Many of his followers remain not because it is their natural desire, but a false one implanted by Galith and his recently found ability to control the minds of weaker beings.   His narcissism and frequent mood swings make him a difficult leader to follow. However, he is charismatic, a brilliant strategist and tactician, and has promised those under his leadership the chance to subjegate the humans and other beings who have hitherto not been kind to most of those that follow Galith.   Galith has disavowed his dwarfish name and embraced the moniker that has been given to him by the few outsiders that know of his plans (and some of those who answer to him). Galith is the name he took for use outside of the company of dwarfs (the normal practice for dwarfs), so most non-dwarfs know him by that name. But they have also taken to calling him Galith the Mad. Galith has decided it is a good name and has decided to embrace it. Kŗivaj has knowledge of Thevan and provided the moniker Äv Pēxäb /ʌv.peːˈxʌb/, which means the one who is insane. He has thus named his kingdom/cult Sérilurpéu Pēxäk, the Keepers of Insanity.
Pale blue with bright yellow streaks and a wild look
Long, fiery red, with meticulous braids. His long red beard is also braided.

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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