Izoži (iːzoˈʒi)

Izoži (ᨆᨘᨄᨔᨐᨆ) is an ancient form of ritual combat traditionally used by the dwarfs to determine the succession of leadership within a tribe and later within kingdoms. It has largely fallen out of favor except among the tribes of Ur Dashujach and by Ur Dashujach for the title of tihu. However, some other tribes still use ritual. In general it is frowned upon by the other dwarfs, but respected as it is a storied part of their history.   If a leader is no longer able to perform their duties (either by death or disability) and cannot participant in izoži, those who wish to succeed the position participate in a group trial. These are almost never to the death.  




A judge, called xapažuox, is selected, usually from among the elders present to witness, by mutual agreement by the combatants. The xapažuox is the final arbiter of any disagreements that may arise as a result of the combant and during the excution of combat.  


Under the rules of izoži, any member of the tribe (or kingdom) can challenge the ojox (or tihu) for the right to rule. Each combatant is allowed a single weapon which they must of constructed themselves. If either combatant does not have a weapon of their own, the judge can decide to either allow said combatant to use a weapon constructed by another (usually a close friend or family member) or delay the combat for a number of days to allow for the construction of weapons.  


The combat occurs in any convenient confied space, even if the confinment is by a crowd of onlookers. The xapažuox must observe the entire combat and may specify additional rules at the start of the contest.   Usually the fight is not to the death, although that is allowed. On occasion, the judge may specify that combat must be to the death. Otherwise, the judge determines the winner, generally by some object means specified at the start of combat.   Of course, it is always possible for a judge to be subjective in their determiniation of a winner. This happens on occasion and has, at times, lead to further conflict.

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I love how you took old customs that have been outdated by most of the Dwarfs kind. Then show how still place horror and some still use it and where a great job

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