The title for the ruler of one of the five kingdoms that comprise the Dwarfish Empire.


The qualifications for Tihu depend on the particular kingdom, as each has its own rules.  
  • Ur Ajeotnop — More so than any other kingdom, Ur Ajeotnop values freedom and equal representation. Therefore, the Jeaži Aihush, the Council of Governers, selects a successor. The Jeaži Aihush consists of one representative of each clan within the kingdom. It is possible for a non-dwarf to serve as ihush.
  • Ur Dashujach — Anyone may challenge a sitting tihu to trial by ritual combat, known as Izoži ᨆᨘᨄᨔᨐᨆ /iːzoˈʒi/. The winner becomes (or remains) tihu. Should the sitting tihu become unable to rule, challengers battle one another for the title.
  • Ur Nuchimahupa
  • Ur Pixoro — If possible, the departing tihu selects their successor. If it is not possible, the current advisors to the tihu (audeobi ᨈᨉᨏᨀᨛᨃᨆ /audɛoˈbi/) select a successor, with Ujajoxoro having full veto power.
  • Ur Umuti — The tihu is usually elected from among the aojox by the aojox.
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Equates to
A tihu is generally considered equivalent to a king or queen as they rule over a kingdom (called an “ur”).
Length of Term
Reports directly to

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