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Dwarfish Empire

The Dwarfish Empire, or Ur Zuoxpipuda, was formed over the course of several months in 1822–1823 CT after discussions that began when Ian Stonecarver, Tihu of the Umuti Kingdom at the time, proposed to the other Atihu that they end the petty wars that had been flaring up constantly for the previous 70 years. The final result was an empire ruled by an emperor elected every five years by the Atihu of the participating kingdoms, with three Aojox from each kingdom each also allowed a vote.   At the end of the meetings, Ian Stonecarver was elected almost unanimously by the present Atihu and Aojox. Ian did not vote for himself. He has continued to hold the office, being duly elected every five years, since first donning the title of Eopit, as he has been a good leader who listens to his peers.


  1. Eopit — The Eopit is the primary leader of the empire. They will have a personal cabinet of advisors who usually remain in the court but they have no official authority.
  2. Tihu — Each kingdom within the empire Tihu who acts as the sovereign of their kingdom as well as one of the five authoritative advisors to the Eopit. They officially meet with the Eopit regularly at the Govionom. However, they will generally have a representative in the Eopit court who is expected to reflect the desires of their Tihu to the Eopit.
  3. (needs a name) — The atihu and selected aojox act as the legislative body. The Eopit can override an rules made, with explanation. This group does not generally meet very frequently, thus the Eopit must maintain rules and regulations in the interim.
  4. Kingdoms — The kingdoms within the empire have full dominion over their land and people, except where the rules of the empire necessarily override the rules of the kingdom. The kingdoms are:
    • Ur Ajeotnop, Kingdom of the Free — This kingdom stands up for the freedom of all peoples. They actively fight against the well-earned stereotype of dwarfs as xenophobic.
    • Ur Dashujach, the Deep Dwarfs — The Deep Dwarfs tunnel deeper and farther than all others.
    • Ur Nuchimahupa, the Friends of Animals — This kingdom is a strong protector of the wilderness, animals and plants alike.
    • Ur Pixoro, the Dancers — The Dancers shape and manipulate metals and similar materials.
    • Ur Umuti, the Carvers — Many in the Ur Umuti are carvers and cutters, often of stone.
  5. Clans — Each kingdom consists of many clans. Clans can be split among kingdoms but the majority belong to only one kingdom.
Founding Date
1823 CT
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Ur Zuoxpipuda
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Legislative Body
The Eopit makes laws and rules day-to-day, but (needs a name) atihu and aojox occasionally meet for impactful legislation.
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