Galen of the Deep Delves

Gamruhug Ichizox

Galen of the Deep Delves, known among the dwarfs as Gamruhug Ichizox /gamɾuˈhug.iːtʃiˈzɔx/, is the current Tihu of Ur Dashujach, after defeating Galith Redbeard in izoži.   Galen served for several years as the cheif advisor to Galith Redbeard when Galith was tihu of the Ur Dashujach. In the later years of Galith's rule, Galen struggled to keep Galith's ever-increasing megalomania under control. This came to a head when Galith started working on plans to attack and kill each of the atihu of the newly formed Dwarfish Empire, in order to install himself as Eopit.   Galen refused to aid Galith on his fool's errand of wiping out the leaders of each of the dwarfish kingdoms. In fact, he challenged his liege to izoži, the ancient dwarf tradition of leadership change by combat. Galith, being self-absorbed, did not take the challenge seriously and Galen was able to easily defeat him, taking the title of tihu for Ur Dashujach.   In the years since, Galen has proven himself to be a strong leader and an even better adviser to the current eopit, Ian Stonecarver. As such, he's position has not been challenged.
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